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Full Informatiu (Ang)


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Full Informatiu (Ang)

  1. 1. FULL INFORMATIU SALT January 2012 / Núm. 1 LET’S SHARE!Table of Contents This informative bulletin that you have in The Project hopes to foster intercul- your hands is an attempt to inform our tural coexistence as well as community+ Lets Share! collaborators of the actions accom- development through the participation plished in Salt throughout the course of of the residents as a whole.+ What is The Intercultural the past year. These actions have beenCommunity Intervention made possible thanks to the support, The Project aims to accomplish this byProject drive and joint efforts of the Community establishing shared spaces for dialogue+ First year: 2010 / 2011 Team, various technical resources, asso- and meeting which in turn facilitate ciations, neighbors from Salt, social integration and cohesion. We+ Actions Accomplished youngsters, adults and seniors, long or also collaborate in municipal efforts to+ Second year: 2011 / 2012 short-term residents: but all with a meet goals and explore opportunities+ Acknowledgements common goal - a desire to participate through different actions. and to work together. The actions carried out through this project fall into three specific plans of This first bulletin of SHARING contains a intervention: Social Education, Com- synopsis of the work that has been ac- munity Health and Citizen Relations. complished throughout our first year There is also a plan of action directed and that which we hope to bring to term toward contributing to the construc- in the future. If you would like to receive tion of a community vision to be more detailed information or even bet- shared by all. ter, if you would like to participate in any of the activities that we explain in the To this end, we have met with more following paragraphs, please contact our than 90 community agents, among Community Team. them: public administration agents, professional entities, representatives WHAT IS THE INTERCULTURAL COM- of different social and cultural associa- MUNITY INTERVENTION PROJECT tions, community leaders, Health pro- fessionals, pharmacies, and educa- The Intercultural Community Interven- tional and citizen resources. tion Project (ICI) of Salt began in Sep- CASAL DELS INFANTS tember of 2010. The Project is spon- Without their participation and drive itACCIÓ SOCIAL ALS BARRIS sored by Obra Social “la Caixa¨ and car- would have been impossible to carry ried out by the Casal dels Infants - Acció out the initiatives and experiences Social als Barris, a Social Work Entity. that we will explain in the following sections! Phone: 972245187 FIRST YEAR: 2010 / 2011mail: During the Project’s first year, the team has collaborated with, participated in and promoted different actions all with the common objective of improving coexistence utilizing Salt’s existing social structure fabric. These actions have sought not only to foster the relation- ships between the residents and the resources available in the municipality, but also to encourage encounters, mutual understanding, equality and participation.
  2. 2. DOLOR FULL INFORMATIU XXXXXXXXXXXX BARRI XXXXXXXXXXXX INTERCULTURALITAT I COHESIÓ SOCIAL CIUTAT Mes 2011 / Número 0ACTIONS ACCOMPLISHEDCommunity Garden: A community garden was planted in a downtownneighborhood as part of a joint intervention with the ‘Casa d’Oficis deSalt’, Salt 70, Area de Joventud, Area de Mediambient and the CentreObert infantil. The garden was planted in an abandoned lot. The har-vested produce was donated to the Food Distribution Center (Càritas).The main objective of the Garden Project is to create a community spaceopen to all and provide different associations and residents’ groups withan opportunity to participate in tasks of organization, revitalization andmaintenance. The project was conceived as an effort to reclaim a spacefor the neighborhood and the city. This space has become a nexus forneighborhood and intergenerational interaction as well as a place whereentertainment and cultural activities can take place.Monar Salt. Open Center for Audio-Visuals: Monar Salt is a projectdeveloped to foster audio-visual creation and distribution. This projectseeks to encourage peaceful coexistence, dialogue and teamwork amongyouths. The project was developed together with ‘La Fàbrica’, ‘l’EstacióJove’ the City Hall and other Associations and youths from Salt. MonarSalt has provided an opportunity to optimize technical and social re-sources as well as offer a training program and new meeting grounds foryouths and other residents of the Community. The final project waspresented at an Audio-Visual Festival at the Salt Theatre last July 2011.Time Sharing Bank: The Salt Time Sharing Bank was established takinginto account the current economic crisis and with a clear objective ofstrengthening the community’s social fabric. This project facilitates theexchange of services among different people as well as contributing tothe creation of a local network of support and mutual aid. The TimeSharing Bank project encourages residents to get to know and trust oneanother, and value individual abilities and know-how. Time is used as aunit of exchange or currency. This Project was promoted by severalcommunity groups: the Associació de Veïns Barri Vell, Associació del BarriCentre, Associació Mou-te en Bici, Senecat and individual residents. TheBank is open to all those who wish to participate.Health Care Promotion: Several workshop sessions have been held withWomen’s associations in order to identify common needs and makeproposals to initiate preventative health care projects addressed to thecommunity as a whole. Various health care agents such as the CAP (Pri-mary Health Care Center), the Hospital and Pharmacy “Jubero” haveparticipated in these projects that will be carried on into 2012.Collaborations: Throughout the course of the year, the relationships andcollaboration among different technical resources and entities have beenimproved. These include: the collaboration between The Oudiodial Asso-ciation with the Massagran Library to promote La Festa del Llibre Gegant;and the OPE for FiraArt. Our project has also supported activities orga-nized by social entities and citizens’ groups that are open to the publicsuch as the community soccer tournament organized by the AlmohajirenAssociation and the participatory process organized by the Associació delBarri Centre.
  3. 3. LOREM IPSUM DOLOR BARRI XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX CIUTAT FULL INFORMATIU Mes 2011 / Número 0 INTERCULTURALITAT I COHESIÓ SOCIAL OUR SECOND YEAR 2011 / 2012 A YEAR OF CONSOLIDATION AND NEW INTERVENTIONS During the second year the ICI In addition, a project designed to Project plans to consolidate those recuperate collective memory, through games and role–playing interventions and projects in- is in the works. itiated during the first year as well as foster mutual understanding In conjunction with other Associ- and actions to strengthen the ations from Salt, we hope to community. Our objective is to revitalize public spaces. All these promote joint analysis and reflec- interventions share a common tion on those topics that we con- objective of promoting dialogue, sider to be fundamental priorities. mutual understanding and shared As a community and with the experiences under the Title, “Our cooperation of the pertinent social Neighborhood, Our Home.” agents, we will take into account possible improvements and new In the area of Social Education, interventions. we face a new era of challenges with respect to the community Línies dintervenció garden- a space open to all resi- dents. Through the implementa- In the area of Community health tion of a whole battery of pro- we will make an effort to pool posals, (management and stimu- health care resources and share lation), the garden has become knowledge relating to the current an educational and recreational state of community health and resource for the whole popula- those factors that affect it. Taking tion. into account these factors our Project hopes to carry out joint We plan to continue collaborating interventions designed to promote with the community project,NOMBRE DE health care and establish preven- Monar Salt by contributing moreLA ENTIDAD tative health care protocols municipal resources to this edu- among the general population of cational proposal that also offers Salt. We also would like to estab- training for youths in audio-visualTeléfono lish a network of young Communi- skills. Values such as respect andWeb ty Health facilitators in conjunc- peaceful coexistence foster cohe- tion with health care professionalsE-Mail sion and offer more opportunities from Primary Health Care Centers in Salt. and hospitals, Community Youth Associations and other local gov- We are also proposing a dedica- ernment associations that might ted work with schools primary be interested. and secondary, according to teachers, and adding to students, families, administration and non- In the area of Citizen Relation- formal socio-educational resour- ships, we plan to consolidate and ces. Develop common actions expand the Time Sharing Bank based on shared goals and strate- project. The Group in charge of gies, and place value and strengt- the project plans to promote more hen the work done to date by the citizen participation in this ex- educators of the municipality. change network.
  4. 4. DOLOR BARRI XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX CIUTAT FULL INFORMATIU Mes 2011 / Número 0 INTERCULTURALITAT I COHESIÓ SOCIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS During this first year we have had the opportunity to get to know and establish a working relationship with municipal administrative staff and resource techni- IMATGE cians, different services and projects, professional entities, Neighborhood and other Associations as well as many residents interested and implicated in the betterment of Salt. We would like to thank you all for your willingness, attention and participation. We hope to increase our mutual collaboration and joint interventions in our shared desire to contribute to an improved quality of life, social cohesion and coexistence in Salt. THANKS TO ALL! In order to follow our projects and receive additional information about those projects of most interest!: Hort Urbà Comunitari: “Urban Community Garden” Monar Salt: Banc del Temps: “Time Sharing Bank” Projecte ICI: With the collaboration of:Con la colabo-ración de: