Project Injini and Autism Society National Conference


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In Summer 2011 we were honored to present at the 42nd Autism Society National Conference and Exposition in sunny Orlando, FL. Our presentation focused on our observations of children with autism that beta tested Injini and how we used that information to improve our suite of learning games.

Here’s a slightly edited version of our presentation.

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Project Injini and Autism Society National Conference

  1. 1. iPad Learning Games For Young Children42nd Autism Society National Conference and Exposition Orlando, FL
  2. 2. Project Injini – make learning fun Collaborative project between experienced video game designers and special education professionals Suite of learning games for the iPad Designed to  Minimize learning curves  Use state of the art technology  Appeal to the young developing minds (1 year and older)
  3. 3. Injini Child Development Game Suite Suite of 9 learning games Designed both for school and home use Colorful graphics, use real children and adult voices Improve fine motor skills, understanding of cause & effect, spatial awareness, memory and visual processing
  4. 4. Validation processDesigned with special education teachers, speech andlanguage pathologist, occupational therapist andinput from medical and academic professionalsField testing in Albany Unified School District andCenter for Early Intervention on Deafness, BerkeleyBeta tested with local families with children withspecial needsCase studies and pilot programsConference presentations
  5. 5. User-centered design for children Minimal interface Universal game rules Visual guide and word prompts In game ‘HELP’ feature 8+ levels are arranged for each game The level of difficulty increases as child progresses
  6. 6. Relevance to AutismVisually attractive for visual learnersProvides both auditory and visual cuesLow frustration : No penalty for playing the gamesincorrectly, levels advance with children’s progressand in game HELP featuresProvides 3-2-1 preparation time (no surprises)Variety and diversity in gamesGames are timed – 90 seconds or 15 questions bringsclosure to the learning experience
  7. 7. Special features for teachers4-9 menu optionsPause button (Optional)Printable supplements that are made with Injini gamegraphics so there’s continuity between iPad (digital)and paper-based learning experiences
  8. 8. Case studiesOpportunity for using variousteaching methodologiesHigh level of engagementChildren are better focusedSocial behavior andcommunication when playedwith teacher, therapist, andpeersCreates a successful platformfor an inclusive setting
  9. 9. Thank You