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The Project Factory - Fast Train


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Kirsty Hunter, UK MD of The Project Factory's presentation from Fast Train on Multiplatform Production

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The Project Factory - Fast Train

  1. 1. Multi-Platform Production
  2. 2. Who •  MD of digital production company: The Project Factory •  Formerly Head of Interactive at Lion Television •  Multi-award-winning including Digital Emmy, RTS, nominations for BAFTAs, BIMA awards •  Credits: Britain from Above (BBC), Horrible Histories (cbbc), History Detectives (PBS), Castaway (BBC), Rough Guide (five), Scream if You Know the Answer (UKTV) etc
  3. 3. What •  Multiplatform is anything involving more than one platform ie. TV, Web, Mobile, Social, Games, Tablet, Red Button •  Audience is multi tasking, looking for two screen experience •  Demanding content when they want it, how they want it •  The new super producer must be able to develop ideas and deliver for multiple platforms
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  6. 6. Pick n Mix • Create lists of SUBJECTS, GENRES,PLATFORMS on cardsSplit into groups of three peoplePick 1 x SUBJECT, 1 x GENRE and 3-4 xPLATFORM cards • Develop a multi-platform concept that fits
  7. 7. Top Tips - Development •  Ideas first, execution second •  Start with human behaviour, what can help you in your life? •  Nobody knows, don t be intimidated by geekiness •  Respect technology •  Feasible vs Good ie. don t do it just because you can
  8. 8. Top Tips - Production •  Multidisciplinary teams •  Physically locate teams near each other •  Have one senior staffer across all platforms •  Share roles/assets across platforms
  9. 9. Top Tips - Production •  Regular project meetings with all stakeholders including Marketing, Publicity, Channel Promotion, Book Publishers. •  BaseCamp or similar project management space •  Joint briefing of third parties i.e. Titles, Graphics, Archive •  Clarify sign off process i.e. overall executive in charge
  10. 10. Top Tips - Production •  No one platform is more important ...All deadlines are created equal •  Start with deliverables and due date and work backwards •  Create workflow especially for post-production •  Clear for all media in perpetuity for archive and get buyouts •  Share assets across all platforms including people and editorial
  11. 11. Kirsty Hunter Managing Director (UK) The Project FactoryEmail: Web: Twitter: Kirsty_Hunter