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Biyuan Wang: New Jersey Chinese Teacher Certification


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Biyuan Wang: New Jersey Chinese Teacher Certification

  1. 1. Biyuan Yang Chinese InstructorBard High School Early College – Newark Nov. 30, 2012
  2. 2.  A Bachelors degree with a GPA of 2.75 or higher 30-credits in Chinese, of which at least 12 are at the advanced level 3-credits on SLA ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview U.S. citizenship
  3. 3.  Foreign credential evaluation service - independent of NJDOE - charges various fees - fast service available
  4. 4.  NYU Mandarin 16-Point Proficiency Exam - 12 points + 4 points written test - credit banking by Thomas Edison State College - Evaluation Services can highlight the Chinese credits on original transcript
  5. 5.  Mandarin – intermediate high or up English – advanced low or up - 30-minute phone conversation with a tester - topics include both informal and formal scenarios Place of test: LTI (White Plains, NY), or proctor (deans, principles, AP)
  6. 6.  sworn affidavit five-year non-citizen license
  7. 7.  Foreign credential evaluation – two to four weeks NYU 16-point exam – four weeks Credit banking – two weeks ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview – eight weeks Completed paperwork – license issued same day