The Art of Networking


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The Art of Networking

  1. 1. Nicole McGough, M.P.A. Vice President and Co-Founder Progressive Image Communications, Inc. Email: Website: Twitter: @ProgressiveIMG
  2. 2. Marketing and Mindset Stocking Your Toolbox Building Rapport Practical Networking Tips
  3. 3. Networking goes beyond the limits of making brief connections with other people. Memory Point 1: Think of networking as a vehicle for marketing yourself and establishing common ground with others on a continuous basis.
  4. 4. Getting the right people to know your name is only part of the equation. Think about this… Even if the right people know your name, have you presented yourself in a way that will make them want to hire youhire youhire youhire you, promote youpromote youpromote youpromote you, partner with youpartner with youpartner with youpartner with you or make a referralmake a referralmake a referralmake a referral on your behalf?
  5. 5. Memory Point 2: “If you want to get ahead, hard work is often not enough.” Harvey J. Coleman Former IBM Executive
  6. 6. “I never made a significant business deal or business decision that was not on a golf course.” Harvey J. Coleman Former IBM Executive Author of “Empowering Yourself: The Organizational Game Revealed”
  7. 7. P. I. E. Formula for Success Performance: Perform exceptionally well. Image: Cultivate the proper image. Exposure: Manage their exposure so the right people know them [aka Networking!].
  8. 8. Memory Point 3: Networking is about building relationships. Memory Point 4: Although there are exceptions, people have a natural tendency to gravitate toward people who are like themselves.
  9. 9. *Note: Coleman uses a pyramid to illustrate the following: (1) The distribution of power, not a person’s value, (2) Access to decision-makers and (3) The commonalities shared at each level as they relate to building relationships and establishing common ground.
  10. 10. Analyzing theAnalyzing theAnalyzing theAnalyzing the Game BoardGame BoardGame BoardGame Board
  11. 11. “Whoever is at the top of a pyramid has the right (and obligation) to make the rules.” Harvey J. Coleman Remember that the top of the pyramid may change depending on the scenario. You determine your desired level of achievement, and how much effort you want to invest.
  12. 12. Know your Networking Goals Meet or Cultivate Potential Clients, Establish New Business Partnerships, Search for Career Opportunities, Establishing New Friendships, etc. Practice your “Elevator Message” (without sounding too rehearsed)
  13. 13. Bring Plenty of Business Cards Wear your Nametag Dress Appropriately “Dress at the level you are aspiring to reach” Do Your Homework
  14. 14. Memory Point 5: Home is where the heart is… Home/Family Friendships Hobbies Work Future/Aspirations
  15. 15. Formal Networking (e.g., Networking Events) vs. Informal Networking (e.g., cookout hosted by a friend, the office, everywhere else) Know When to BE QUIET! Listen and Ask Relevant Questions Diversify your Networking Venues (Nonprofit board service, volunteer, start a new hobby, attend community events) *Remember actions speak louder than words
  16. 16. Practice being confident and assertive (e.g., make eye contact, firm handshake, etc.) Remain genuine and operate with integrity Follow-up (within 24 hours when possible)!! When a referral is made, follow through quickly
  17. 17. Cultivate your contacts Don’t fear people in power or look down on people perceived to have less power. Return the favor “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”
  18. 18. Use these tips to develop YOUR OWN style.
  19. 19. Nicole McGough, M.P.A. Vice President and Co-Founder Progressive Image Communications, Inc. Email: Website: Twitter: @ProgressiveIMG