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Adventures in Online Pedagogy


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Slides with audio from workshop for POT MiniConference 10 January 2010, with Jim Sullivan and Lisa M. Lane. Discusses implications of basic learning theories (instructivism, constructivism and connectivism) for online teaching. Presentation portion only -- group work was in the middle. 35 minutes. CC licensed A-NC-SA Lisa M Lane 2012.

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Adventures in Online Pedagogy

  1. 1. Adventures in Online Pedagogy Lisa M Lane Jim Sullivan
  2. 2. Teaching in Theory • Instructivism / Behaviorism • Constructivism • Connectivism
  3. 3. Instructivism / Behaviorism Content Instructor (expert) StudentImage Discovery School
  4. 4. Star instructivists
  5. 5. Constructivism Content Student Instructor Jim’s Ning Lisa’s Discussion
  6. 6. Connectivism: The Learner Student Content Instructorcc adapted, origiinal Image by Alec Couros
  7. 7. PLEs: Personal Learning Environments
  8. 8. Tools for Adventure