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A SMOOC for preparing faculty to teach online


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Presentation at Ed-Media 2012 in Denver, a Best Practices session about the Program for Online Teaching's Small to Medium Open Online Course

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A SMOOC for preparing faculty to teach online

  1. 1. A SMOOC* for preparing faculty to teach online Lisa M Lane and Laura Paciorek MiraCosta College * Small-to-Medium Open Online Class
  2. 2. Faculty starting to teach online often arent sure how tobegin...Usually preparation is provided only throughworkshops or LMS training in things like Blackboard...
  3. 3. This approach encourages instructors to allow thetechnology to limit how they teach....
  4. 4. Better preparation can be provided through an experiencethat ● emphasizes pedagogy as well as tools ● encourages community ● is led by faculty ● provides mentoring ● is open to the world ● is taught onlineImage CC-A-NC-SA Alec Couros via Flickr
  5. 5. Introducing...