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Webinar: B2B online event marketing - reach CFOs. Sell more!


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How to Appeal to C-level Corporate Finance with B2B Online Event Marketing Can Be a Simple Seven Step Process. Watch this webinar replay and find more information on

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Webinar: B2B online event marketing - reach CFOs. Sell more!

  1. 1. B2B Online Event Marketing Reach 600,000 CFOs Sell More
  2. 2. The purpose of thispresentation is to help you insetting up your webinars tosuccessfully sell your offer toCorporate Finance Executives Find more on
  3. 3. How to Appeal to C-level Corporate Finance with B2B Online Event Marketing Can Be a Simple Seven Step Process• Companies today are becoming more discriminatory about participation in industry events. In keeping with the need for frugal expenditures of time as well as money, they are being more selective about the kind of events that they attend.• Likewise, organizations which target those companies are rising to the occasion and beginning to target the corporate decision makers in finance in a different way. They are marketing more carefully and using online events to help them target those companies which may respond best to their offers.3 © 2012 Proformative
  4. 4. How to Appeal to C-level Corporate Finance with B2B Online Event Marketing Can Be a Simple Seven Step Process• Increasingly, B2B online event marketing is using webinars to approach major corporations. This is not surprising when you review the many benefits that online events can offer.• See examples of webinars successfully hosted by Proformative for its clients and marketed to its growing community of over 600,000 corporate finance, accounting, treasury and related professionals who directly control billions of annual spending: 4 © 2012 Proformative
  5. 5. What are the Benefits of Webinars?• As opposed to a live event, online events such as webinars are often far more cost effective, can be more readily available to an increased number of people, can have outcomes which are dynamically measured and can be offered even post-event in the form of online audio/video recordings to draw even more traffic to an existing company website or specific digital assets.• With that in mind, it is not at all difficult to believe that the use of webinars in business has grown exponentially by more than 75% in the last 3 years.The question which is uppermost in the minds of most B2B company executives, is how to determine which audience will become the most engaged by the various types of online events. 5 © 2012 Proformative
  6. 6. The Keys to Success with Webinars Paving the Way for a Successful Webinar Tailored to C-level Corporate Financing Executives Given that more careful scrutiny of online events is taking place, in order to create an environment whereby your own online event will be more worthy of attendance, you will want to take careful steps in both planning and implementation of your online event.6 © 2012 Proformative
  7. 7. The Keys to Success with Webinars Paving the Way for a Successful Webinar Tailored to C-level Corporate Financing Executives Given that more careful scrutiny of online events is taking place, in order to create an environment whereby your own online event will be more worthy of attendance, you will want to take careful steps in both planning and implementation of your online event.7 © 2012 Proformative
  8. 8. The Keys to Success with Webinars 1. Define Your Goals For the Event: When setting up a webinar, begin by defining your goals for the event. What do you want to achieve when you host your online event? If youre trying to find new leads or to move your leads to the buying phase, determine the best way to accomplish that. Define every goal for the event very clearly before you arrange it.8 © 2012 Proformative
  9. 9. Way for a Successful Webinar 2. Ascertain to Whom You Will Direct Your Materials: Your definition of the segment of audience that you wish to reach will be imperative to the success of your webinar. Depending on who the audience is that you are targeting, the way in which you reach out to that audience will differ and how you offer your online event must also differ. This will be the best time to define where your audience sits in the decision making process and to integrate this campaign with others that you are using to target that same audience.9 © 2012 Proformative
  10. 10. Way for a Successful Webinar 3. Determine the Best Kind of Event to Hold: At this point you will also consider the best kind of event to run online. Youll also want to look at which stage of the buying cycle your audience is currently sitting.10 © 2012 Proformative
  11. 11. The Keys to Success with Webinars4. Evaluate the Buying Cycle and Where your Audience Will Be in That Cycle:You will want to choose the best platform for your event toenable your company to reach the audience at the propertime in the buying and selling cycle. When you are targetingvarious and diverse audiences, you will want to considerthe following as you prepare any online event:11 © 2012 Proformative
  12. 12. Evaluate the Buying Cycle. Consider:• How best to influence the management portion of the team. The mid-level manager will be very interested in the more technical details. You will require a mixture of different formats and platforms while making your way through the cycle of buying and selling. This may mean online expositions or multiple webinars in an ongoing series. 12 © 2012 Proformative
  13. 13. Evaluate the Buying Cycle. Consider:• Persuasion of the C-Suite. Using a Webinar to Promote Your Online Business. The average executive is very busy. He or she will desire content which is easy to scan while easy to digest. Ensure that you have topics which are pertinent to them as well as to other members of the business and that you offer your webcast in a pre-recorded method and record your online meetings to ensure that they can view them at a time which is convenient to them. 13 © 2012 Proformative
  14. 14. Evaluate the Buying Cycle. Consider:• Low Level Management Persuasion. Reaching out to executives who are entry level is also important. Depending on what your product may be, even the entry level exec or employee may have some influence when it comes to the purchasing of that product or service. Your task then is to foster a relationship with every part of your audience so that they can use that influence for your benefit 14 © 2012 Proformative
  15. 15. Evaluate the Buying Cycle. Consider:• Education of Technical Personnel. This portion of your seminar will be far more intricate and complex. While the technical personnel may not possess the power to make the primary buying decision, dont make the mistake of underestimating their clout - its possible they hold some influence with those that do. Technical component of the company may well be those who will be implementing what you are selling and as such, they are going to be the ones who may make or break your sale. Their input is valuable to the company,influencing them in a positive way is part and parcel with how you will ultimately sell your product. Consider using demonstrations to those who are in the technical field. 15 © 2012 Proformative
  16. 16. The Keys to Success with Webinars5. Establishment of Content and Format of Your Content.The next and among the most important aspects of your onlineforay into B2B online event marketing will be the content.The more value that your content holds, the more likely thatyou will get not only a better marketing ROI, but also generategoodwill from your customers while establishing yourself asthe authority within your niche. Your content should be muchthe same as that which you would present at a physical event.16 © 2012 Proformative
  17. 17. The Keys to Success with Webinars Youll need to offer content that is rich and valuable to someone at any stage in the buying process in order to appeal to the greatest portion of your audience. The way in which you will accomplish that will be by using broader themes at the top of the sales funnel and drawing them in with more comparisons of pricing and more intricate, more technically oriented details at the bottom.17 © 2012 Proformative
  18. 18. The Keys to Success with Webinars Along the way, you’ll want to define the way in which you will allow the content to be rebroadcast or reused so that you can get your message out to the widest possible audience. One way to do that may be to offer a bundled package of materials on your website, another publish it on destinations often visited by C-level executives taking advantage of partners’ marketing and sponsorship packages.18 © 2012 Proformative
  19. 19. Content for Multi-Channel Campaigns Your webinar might include content from:• SPEECHES AT CONFERENCES. Attend our upcoming events:19 © 2012 Proformative
  20. 20. Content for Multi-Channel Campaigns Your webinar might include content from:• ADVERTORIALS Let us write about you20 © 2012 Proformative
  21. 21. Content for Multi-Channel Campaigns Your webinar might include content from:• WHITE PAPERS Generate qualified leads from white papers downloads on Proformative.com21 © 2012 Proformative
  22. 22. Way for a Successful Webinar It later can be repurposed and used for:• Sharing Expert Excerpts on Professional Online Networks• Panned Nurturing Email Sequences All your digital assets can be then aggregated in Proformative’s B2B Marketplace 22 © 2012 Proformative
  23. 23. The Keys to Success with Webinars 7. Follow up on everything that you have done and are doing in a continuous way: Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to build and to entertain your audience. Depending on the kind of online events that you hold, you may well need to plan a strategy to manage your incoming leads as well as to determine what you will do if someone views your webinar a month or two down the road and makes a buying decision at that point.23 © 2012 Proformative
  24. 24. The Keys to Success with Webinars 8. Decide on an effective follow up methodology: This best ensures that none of the leads you generate fall through the cracks of your sales funnel. Develop a means to measure the effectiveness of your online sales strategies and a time line to revise them when necessary to ensure that you continuously improve marketing ROI and the success of your online B2B marketing strategies.24 © 2012 Proformative
  25. 25. PROFORMATIVE’S SOLUTIONS When your business needs to build online visibility, branding, and recognition, as well as generate high quality leads webinars are one of the best method to accomplish that. Learn more about what webinars hosted and marketed by Proformative can do for your business.25 © 2012 Proformative
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  36. 36. CLIENT LIST • 360 Solutions Foley & Lardner Receivables Exchange Adaptive Planning Frank, Rimerman & Co. Replicon Inc. Ahead Human Resources, Inc. Frank, Rimerman Consulting Reval Alight Planning Global Shares SAP Aline Gorilla Expense SAP America Inc. Alliance Cost Containment Gorilla Expense is Reefin, LLC. SEI appfolio Habif, Arogeti & Wynne LLP Silicon Valley Accountants Aranca Hanson Bridgett Silicon Valley Bank / SVB Financial Group Ariba, Inc. Hedge Trackers, LLC SOA Projects Avalara, Inc. Hein & Associates SumTotal Systems, Inc. Baker Tilly Host Analytics SunGard Availabilty Services Barney & Barney IBM Business Consulting Services SutiSoft BI 101 IBM Clarity SVA CPA Birst IBM Cognos Tagetik North America, LLC BlackLine Tatum LLC BNA Software Infor Teknos Associates LLC BOARD USA Intacct Corporation Teradata Burr Pilger Mayer Intralinks The Heights Business Intelligence 101 • Legiant The Melita Group Callidus Software Inc. Marcum Treasury Dynamics CapTrust Financial Advisors Marcum LLP Accountants & Advisors Tribridge Catavolt, Inc. McGladrey Trinet HR Corporation Cloud Identity Moyo Group TriNet-DWA Media Comdata myDIALS, Inc. TrinTech Concur Technologies Nair & Co Two Step Software Deloitte NetSuite UC Berkeley Extension Demand Solutions Group Open Systems, Inc. Ultimate Software DeWinter Associates Optimized Payment Consulting US Bank DLA Piper Perficient, Inc. Varicent EchoSign Peterson Sullivan LLP VISA Epicor Software Corp. Planview VISA / OMD NY Ernst & Young LLP Platte Valley Bank Weiland Financial ERP Guru PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Western Union Excel4Apps PROPHIX Software Inc. Western Union BSG Excel4apps Inc PROS Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. Execustaff HR Ravix Financial, Inc. WorkDay Explore Consulting Real Asset Management Inc Xactly FiREapps36 © 2012 Proformative
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