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Inflexible, outdated financial reporting processes hinder a company’s ability to effectively manage performance and proactively respond to an increasingly dynamic business environment. Today’s finance organizations must have real-time visibility into revenue, expenses, cash flow and profitability for faster decision making and effective communication of critical business insights to both internal teams and external stakeholders. The good news is that innovations in finance and accounting software now enable companies to go beyond yesterday’s limited financial reporting and inadequate information access to improve business performance and accelerate growth.

In this webinar, we’ll examine how companies of all sizes are leveraging cloud-based financial applications, such as Intaact’s software as service solution, for greater business insight and improved reporting capabilities to save thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars annually. We will demonstrate how real-time visibility into financial and operational data and real-time dashboards and reports are quickly taking the place of manual processes and outdated software platforms.

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  • You can take comfort in knowing that many of the fastest-growing companies are using Intacct to automate their processes and eliminate their business challenges. You’re not alone in dealing with those process and business challenges.

    We’ve heard similar stories from other clients who now rely on Intacct to make their business more efficient and help them grow faster. The most successful IPOs of each of the last two years are running on Intacct because of flexibility of our system to respond to the dynamic requirements in their fast paced businesses.

    Across Intacct, we work with over 6,000 companies, representing over 35,000 business entities who are all realizing tremendous value.

    We are their partner of choice because we are focused and are focused on their long-term success which is why we experience 95%+ customer satisfaction. Everyone in our company is compensated on customer satisfaction, and you will see a cultural difference between Intacct and others you may be considering.
  • We’re manically focused on customer success and built for it from the ground up.

    Intacct is the financial management system of choice of accounting experts worldwide. The AICPA completed thorough due diligence of all major providers of mid market solutions in the market and concluded with an exclusive endorsement of Intacct as their preferred provider of financial applications. Additionally, IFAC, the global association for the accounting profession worldwide selected Intacct to run their own internal operations. So, the accounting experts in the US and the world, both selected Intacct.

    Intacct is made up of passionate and extremely talented employees. I can personally attest to the fact that we’re a great company to work at, having been voted the top workplace in Silicon Valley 3 years in a row.

    We’ve also received virtually every industry award.

    In a nutshell, we’re on the move. We’ve had 10 years of delivering great results for customers through the most innovation in the industry with the highest service performance)and we’re not stopping. We’d love to provide you the business benefits and add you to the Intacct family.
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  • Get Smart about Financial Intelligence and Reporting

    1. 1. Ask, Share, Learn – Within the Largest Community of Corporate Finance Professionals Get Smart about Financial Intelligence and Reporting
    2. 2. Learning Objectives After attending this event you will be able to: • Achieve unprecedented agility to ensure your business keeps up with changing business dynamics • Eliminate tedious, error-prone manual reports from Microsoft Excel and other outdated software • Create and easily share customized reports across your organization • Automate dynamic Board Book and external reporting packages
    3. 3. Welcome to Proformative Proformative is the largest and fastest growing online resource for senior level corporate finance, treasury, and accounting professionals. A resource where corporate finance and related professionals excel in their careers through: • Uniquely valuable, online Peer Network • Direct subject-matter-expert advice • Valuable Features and Resources All of it completely noise-free Check it out at
    4. 4. Ask, Share, Learn – Within the Largest Community of Corporate Finance Professionals Get Smart about Financial Intelligence and Reporting Sharon Carnicelli, Senior Manager of Cloud Solutions, Intacct Linda Pinion, Solutions Engineer, Intacct
    5. 5. Today’s Agenda • Unlocking business insights from financial data • Demonstration of Intacct Flex Reporting • Summary and resources
    6. 6. Growth Companies Rely on Intacct Software Healthcare Services Consumer 7,300+ Companies Nonprofit Other Hospitality FOUNDATION Real Value 40,000+ Business Entities 95% Customer Satisfaction
    7. 7. Built for Success Choice of accounting experts worldwide Top workplace 3rd year in a row Industry awards 25 Best Small Biz Apps 10+ year track record of delivering results
    8. 8. Challenges: 4 Key Areas Every CFO Thinks About Boost productivity of financial processes – Where do you spend your time now? – What is being done in Excel? Supply insight for better and faster decisions – How old is the information from which you are making decisions? – What is the bottleneck in getting the data? Focus resources on your core business – What other financial or related systems are critical to your business? – Where can you eliminate duplicate entry, entry errors etc? Deliver scale for growth – What are your business needs 3-4 years from now? – Do you have a business systems map to meet those needs? 1 2 3 4
    9. 9. Accounting Function Inefficiency Often Hinders Focus on Business Leadership Top Issues for CFO Organizations Top Bottlenecks in Monthly Close Process Source: Armanino McKenna, “The CFO EvolutionTM Benchmark Survey Results,” Dec 2010
    10. 10. Get Smart About Financial Intelligence and Reporting Thank you for your interest in this presentation. View the on-demand webinar or download the full presentation at: