Facility planning


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Facility planning

  1. 1. PCTE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT FACILITY PLANNING AND DESIGN BH 411 INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE: Have you ever seen a facility with so many design problems that it left you shaking your head in disbelief? Each facility presents its own unique design challenges; if these challenges are not addressed and overcome, the result is a facility with design problems. Typically, the larger a building project, the greater the likelihood that mistakes will be made in the planning and design process. Often, details are overlooked, and sometimes even major mistakes are made in the planning process and not discovered until after the facility is built and opened for use. For example, most of us have seen buildings with poor lighting, ventilation, or access control that could have been prevented with appropriate planning. In particular, one of the most common design laws in recreational, physical education, and sports facilities is a lack of proper storage space. Surely, we have all visited buildings where hallways, classrooms, and even activity spaces were used for temporary or permanent storage of equipment. So it is thus evident how necessary the concept of facility planning is. This course shall introduce the students to the concept of hotel design considerations including planning process, star classification process, room tariffs and planning of management areas. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF COURSE: • cost-effectively design an operation • properly select and efficiently maintain equipment • successfully plan and accurately evaluate foodservice layouts • plan and design hotels • Cut costs through more efficient energy planning. Assessment: The course shall be evaluated on the basis of following parameters. 1. Internal assessment: 20 marks 2. External 30 marks. INTERNAL MARKS: The internal marks shall be calculated on the basis of following parameters: 1. Class tests.(10%) 2. MST (10%).
  2. 2. PCTE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSE PLAN Facility Class : 7TH Semester BHMCT Subject Name : Planning Teacher's Name: Mr. Tahir Sufi Assignments : 2 Subject Code : BH 411 Tests : 3 Total Lectures : 28 Tutorials : 5 LECT. TOPICS TO BE COVERED ASSIGN. TEST NO 1 Introduction to Hotels and categories 2 Star grading systems 3 Different requirement for opening hotel projects 4 5 Different types of licences 6 Different types of licences 7 Different types of licences 8 Different types of licences √ 9 10 Room tariffs- 11 Rule for calculating room tariff 12 Activity on rooms tariff 13 Test 14 Hotel Design- Introduction 15 Pictures of different layouts 16 17 Efficient plan 18 Good location 19 Materials required √ 20 Location factor 21 Importance of workmanship 22 23 Test
  3. 3. 24 Financing √ 25 Competent Management 26 Evaluation of accommodation 27 Thumb rules for evaluation 28 29 Integrated functions of housing 30 Test 31 Feeding 32 Entertainment 33 Rental services 34 Maintenance 35 TEST 36 REVISION ASSIGNMENTS: 1. Discuss the different types of licenses to be applied for an entrepreneur who wishes to open restaurant with bar in Ludhiana. Attach the filled up forms with the assignment. 2. Draw a layout of any one of following: a) 50 seater restaurant and bar with kitchen b) Kitchen attached to banquet hall serving food for 500 pax. c) Pantry of a coffee shop d) Indian specialty kitchen e) Coffee shop kitchen f) Continental kitchen with live cooking counters g) Layout design of 100 room super deluxe hotel ( exterior only) Please choose any of the topics. The lay out to be drawn on A3 size paper with sharp pencil and scale.