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2010th sem course module front office practicle


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2010th sem course module front office practicle

  1. 1. PCTE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAHEMENT Hotel Front Office (7th SEM SEM) Sub code BH -- 427 INTERNAL MARKS- 20 Viva MARKS-30 TOTAL MARKS- 50 Objectives of the Course (Front Office): The main objectives of this subject are to review all the basics of front office and go through all requirements of current industry needs and achieve a level. Class RULES AND REGULATIONS: 1. Grooming is the most necessary part for attending a practical 2. Journal should always be there. 3. No student will be given attendance, once the roll call is over. And if any student comes late i.e. after 10 minutes of start of lecture, s/He will not be allowed to enter in the class. Total Marks: 20;- Grooming -10 Journal - 5 Viva - 5
  2. 2. PCTE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAHEMENT Course Break-up SR.NO TOPICS Role play 1 Introduction with course 2 All the current and modern equipment and systems automated , semi automated and manual 3 Preparing Room occupancy report 4 Preparing Night Room Report 5 Preparing Discrepancy Report 6 Guest Registration Card Guest History Card 7 Guest reservation form Guest c- from 8 Cash Receipt Voucher Allowance Voucher Paid out voucher 9 Telephone call - domestic 10 Telephone call - international 11 Emergency procedure 12 Forecasting Technique 13 Various Ratios 14 Situation Handling -1 15 Situation Handling -2