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Getting to know us

  1. 1. OPPORTUNITIES MULTIPLY AS THEY ARE SEIZED. ~ SUN TZUGET TO KNOW US click space bar to advance© 2012
  2. 2. In tr o d u ctio n INTRODUCTION I F A W I N D OW O F O P P O R T U N IT Y A P P E A RS , D O N T P U L L D OW N T H E S H A D E . ~ TOM PETERS SITUATION: Window of opportunity aptly reflects the circumstances you face in today’s increasingly digital environment. The tidal wave of mobile connectivity and social media promise to radically change your marketing; just as email changed office communications over a decade ago. Yes, it’s another business and marketing revolution. There will be winners and losers. THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW. The chance to claim your company’s unique digital niche will not remain open for long. Your cyberspace footprint (website, newsletters, social media profile) is now as integral to your brand reputation as your products, services, employees and trademarks. SOLUTION: is a unique firm. With a foundation in Brand Management at Fortune THE GOAL? 500 firms; we start from a profit perspective. Add a 15 year web design/development history M O V E YO U R W E B S I T E and you’ve got a potent partner to attack your goals. Our business zeal, dedication and client FROM AN EXPENSE TO TLC will not be matched by a start-up group of coders, or a graphic design firm turned digital. A BALANCE SHEET A S S E T. thrives on astute strategic analysis; hunting down those critical gems that work magic in the marketplace. The goal? Move your website presence from an expense to a balance sheet asset.
  3. 3. HOW DO WE DO IT?
  4. 4. It’s n o t ju st a web site an ym o r e … It’s yo u r b u sin ess. IT’S NOT JUST A WEBSITE ANYMORE  We build the foundation that PROFIT supports the capstone. thoroughly Company Image considers each level.  Online Presence New Existing Clients Clients Many Multiple Customer Industries Services Variety Search Social Media Refreshed Mobile Engines Profile News/Blog Devices Ever-Changing Platform Monitor Analytics. New Code Claim Your SE Friendly Testing & Display Site Maps. Standards. Google Places, Code Insanity Proliferation Crawlers. HTML5, JScript City Search
  6. 6. Op p o r tu n ity co st Yo u r c r ed ib ility is th e lin e FACTS AND FIGURES Your home page is prized digital real estate. You have less than 10 seconds to captivate a visitor; When evaluating the credibility or statistics show they will click away, perhaps for good. of a website … Can you afford to lose “Design or Look” even one customer this way? at 46% was cited more often than any other feature. Runner–up was Information Design/Structure at 28.5%. Link to the study
  8. 8. Essen tial s – Lio n Watc h er B u sin ess – Go r illa Tam er FLEXIBLE PRICING AND SERVICESA beautiful website with all due diligence. No dog & pony tricks. You are in the big leagues now. Gorgeous graphics and cleverJust everything you need to stand proud in Cyberspace. navigation. SEO that leaves your competition in the dust. Pages Up to 15 Pages Up to 30 Graphics Up to 20 Graphics Up to 40 Administration Team player Administration Lead coach Branding Impressive Branding Incredible SE Optimization Superb SE Optimization SuperiorStar ter – Field Tr ip En ter p r ise – Kin g o f th e Ju n gle!This package isn’t your best value. But once you see what we can Smart move! Essentially your own Web Marketing Department –do … you’ll upgrade and get on the growth train. but without the overhead. Tenacious PROACTIVE PARTNER! Pages 5 Pages Virtually Unlimited Graphics 5 Graphics Virtually Unlimited Administration 1 Administration Star Quarterback Branding Branding Masterpiece SE Optimization SE Optimization D-Day Invasion
  10. 10. Ou r stor y Ou r p h ilo sop h y GUIDER PHILOSOPHY April attended Indiana University, Kelley School of Business - We are in this together. Your website is a reflection of how graduating cum laude and subsequently earning an MBA. we treat our clients. You win – we win. She spent her early career in Brand Management at SmithKline Beecham, Kraft and DowBrands. We are not graphic designers. We are not software coders. We are entrepreneurs. We care about marketing, profit The entrepreneurial spirit won out and was started in 1992 at the birth of the Internet revolution. and the growth of your business.Ou r exp er ien ce For over a decade, had the happy success of We value Quality over Quantity. We seek partnerships with teaming with Netafim, an International Drip Irrigation Firm. clients over long time frames. We don’t believe in throwing We managed 600+ web pages across multiple industries and up a half-baked site so we can move on to the next product lines. We are still very close to our friends at Netafim. customer. We know how to handle huge complex web sites. We aren’t happy, We’ve worked with many small, medium and large clients since if you aren’t happy. 1992.Facts Life is short. Good clients are precious. Birds of a feather We are happy to supply references. will fly high together. If it’s not a good match, move on. Our resume is available. Just ask. We love what we do, but only if we do it to perfection.
  11. 11. Ready to get started? @ProfitGuider GUIDER.COMSend us your contact infoand we’ll give you a call right away. Facebook LinkedInContact form