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The latest investors guide presentation on slide share for ProFire Energy.

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ProFire Presentation

  1. 1. Investor’s Guide
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE Profire Energy, Inc. is a leading provider of burner management systems, servicing oil and gas producers around the world. The Company manufacturers, installs, and services oilfield combustion management systems and related burner products which aid oil and natural gas producers in safe and efficient development and transportation of carbon-based fuels. In the forefront of the industry’s research and development for a decade, Profire’s lead products, the Profire 2100 and the Profire 1100, provide reliable management and ignition of combustion burners and associated vessels, such as separators, dehyrdators, line heaters, and incinerators, that oil and gas producers rely on to run reliable and proficient operations.
  4. 4. LIVES The maintenance of oil and gas machinery poses a serious safety hazard to the employees involved. A recent oil rig explosion is but one example of the damaging effects unsafe conditions may have on workers, communities, and the environment. Profire Energy’s technology significantly improves worker safety by automating certain dangerous procedures around oil and gas wells.
  5. 5. ENVIRONMENT Both ecologists and government officials recently published alarming reports that disclose the destructive and devastating impact a recent oil spill has had on the environment. In response to the oil spill, the EPA has and is expected to continue to enforce regulatory measures. Profire equips oil and gas companies throughout the world with its state of the art technology that meets EPA standards. Such technology immediately alerts operators of dangerous risings in temperature and of other potentially unsafe circumstances. Additionally, Profire optimizes efficiency by decreasing waste heat and fuel consumption.
  6. 6. MONEY • Profire’s technology lowers operator’s costs by eliminating man hours required to maintain the flame on heaters. • Profire also optimizes efficiency by decreasing waste heat and fuel consumption. • Profire minimizes downtime and outages in burner management.
  7. 7. PROFIRE 2100 Profire 2100: The Profire 2100 Burner Management System is the latest, cutting-edge model in a proven line of burner controllers. The 2100 exceeds the industry standard for burner control.
  8. 8. PROFIRE 1100 Profire 1100: Tried and tested, the Profire 1100 Burner Management System has proven itself. It has become a worthy controller of virtually ever natural-draft burner in the industry.
  9. 9. FIELD SERVICE With nearly three decades of experience, our service remains unmatched in the field. Our consistent 24-hour service coupled with anytime technical support offers an impressive combination for the maintenance, commissioning, and upkeep of any natural-draft burner setup.
  10. 10. PROFIRE TODAY Corporate Profile: Ticker (Exchange): OCTBB: PFIE Stock Price (12/14/2011): $0.72 Market Cap: $32.4 million Shares Outstanding (03/31/2011): 45 million Shareholder Equity: $7,067,064 52-Week Range: $0.25 - $1.35 Fiscal Year End: March 31 U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Lindon, UT Canada Office: Spruce Grove, Alberta
  11. 11. PROFIRE TODAY Profire Energy, Inc. (OTCBB: PFIE) is a profitable manufacturer, installer, and servicer of oilfield combustion management systems and related burner products to oil and gas companies. Owing to a growing portfolio of clients ranging from Exxon-Mobile to “mom-and- pop” firms, the company is consolidating market share in a rapidly growing and fragmented industry. The Company’s breakthrough products fill a critical void in the marketplace. The oil industry is facing increasing pressure to improve safety, meet environmental standards, and increase efficiency. From California to Texas, many states are in the process of designing and adopting measures that could put new pressures on the industry and drive mass adoption of the firm’s technology. The Company’s customers in Western Canada include Shell, Husky Energy, ConocoPhillips, Devon Energy, Petro-Canada, Encana, and several others. The system has also been installed in various parts of the world, including the U.S., France, Italy, England, the Middle East, Australia, China, and Brazil.
  12. 12. PROFIRE TODAY Growth in the U.S. and Canada: Last quarter, Profire Energy reported net income that rose 103% to $1,185,658, on revenues that increased 112% to $4,522,251. The strong results were due to significant growth in both its goods and services divisions. Several new customers started purchasing systems this quarter as Profire expanded its dedicated sales staff. Profire Energy appears significantly undervalued with a price- earnings ratio of just 10.3x its trailing 12-month earnings per share. Looking ahead, this earnings multiple will only decrease with triple-digit bottom-line growth rates that hit $0.03 per share this past quarter.
  13. 13. PROFIRE TODAY 2012 Revenue Growth Potential • Expanded U.S.-based operations • Higher projected oil prices • Increased production in oil & gas • Increased regulatory pressureQ4 2010 – Q3 2011 Revenue and Net Income
  14. 14. WHY INVEST IN PROFIRE? Profire is a profitable and relatively undiscovered investment opportunity in the oil and gas technology industry with blue sky potential. Investors who wish to capitalize on higher energy prices, yet avoid the risks associated with E&P or non-profitable OTC companies ought to seriously consider Profire a singular investment opportunity.
  15. 15. WHY INVEST IN PROFIRE? • Undervalued: Profire Energy is a rare profitable OTC company that trades with a price-earnings multiple of merely 16x despite posting triple-digit year-over-year revenue growth. Meanwhile, the company’s peers regularly trade at a 30x P/E, suggesting it may be undervalued. • Exposure to Energy Sector: Profire operates in the rapidly- expanding oil and gas industry, which is expected to see higher demand and prices for the foreseeable future. As emerging markets continue to develop, demand could grow exponentially large.
  16. 16. WHY INVEST IN PROFIRE? • Near-Term Growth Catalysts: With several blue chip clients in Canada, Profire has recently entered into a promising and nearly untapped U.S. market. This new market provides a key catalyst that could drive top and bottom line growth over the coming quarters. • EPA: Profire Energy is benefiting from the increasing costs of environmental violations. The EPA is looking to amend and expand the 1990 Oil Pollution Act (OPA). When more stringent law and regulation is enacted, oil and gas companies may be required to update equipment and technology in order to meet EPA standards. Profire’s technology exceeds the expectations for current and potential regulatory measures. As a result, Profire could decrease costs in fines for clients while substantially increasing Profire’s revenue.
  17. 17. WHY INVEST IN PROFIRE? • Worker Safety: Immediately following the BP oil rig explosion, public sentiment has forced oil and gas companies to respond to worker safety concerns. Because Profire Energy’s technology improves worker safety by automating dangerous procedure around oil and gas wells, such companies have a vested interest in Profire products. • Blue Sky Potential Ahead: The oil industry is experiencing mounting pressure from governments, workers, and shareholders. Profire Energy’s technology is uniquely positioned to address all of these issues with a simple and fully-integrated product in an otherwise fragmented market.