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Let Go


Published on - Are you feeling different, any changes in your body, your life, and/or your world? Are you going through some unique changes? Discover what else is changing.

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Let Go

  1. 1. With Kathy Thompson
  2. 2. It’s an extraordinary time to be alive, in thisNew Year, new era, and new age. We arechanging along with Mother Earth.
  3. 3. It is a great awakening. Are you feelingdifferent, any changes in your body, your life,your world? Yes, I’m feeling it, too. And I loveit. I look around at this beautiful world we livein, and I’m head over heels in love! It is afabulous time to be alive and a part of thesechanges.
  4. 4. I’m singing, dancing, and sending out all the loveI can! Let’s embrace our magnificence. Feel it inyour heart, listen to your heart, not your head.That’s where our future is—our hearts.
  5. 5. We are turning our lives and our world into apowerful paradise with our evolution thatbelongs to us. It is our destiny.And guess what? There is a challenge we need toget through first, and that is to LET GO of thisabused world we have now.
  6. 6. Yes, LET GO! It’s going, going, gone. Lack isgone, abundance is ours. Limitation is gone, weare limitless. Our ego is gone, we don’t need it.Disease and illness is gone, we are healthy.Schools are gone, we have knowledge.
  7. 7. Wars, weapons, crooked economy, crookedgovernment, crooked financial systems are gone.Poverty, duality, food, cars, money, all gone! Weare wealthy and peaceful. The past, future, andtime, are gone. We are in the I AM presence.There is only “the now.”
  8. 8. Fear, hate, greed, jealousy, revenge, anger,all gone! We live in harmony. We don’tneed any of that anymore.
  9. 9. So what’s left? The only thing that’s left isLOVE! As the song goes, “all we need islove!” The only task we have is to spreadthat love to all living beings, through out ouruniverse.
  10. 10. Yes, each of us is different, unique. But wehave so much in common; our hearts, ourfeatures, qualities, needs, wants, and power.So we are one.
  11. 11. Just think about what we can accomplish together as one.Our collective consciousness can build a brilliant GaiaStar Nation. It is at our finger tips, and we are on thebrink of freedom, love, and harmony.