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8 Secret Success Tips


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Would you like to communicate better and improve your
relationships? Would you like to be popular, successful,
and get along with everyone? Here are eight unique success
secrets to help you.

Published in: Business, Technology
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8 Secret Success Tips

  1. 1. With Kathy Thompson
  2. 2. Would you like to communicate better andimprove your relationships? Would you like tobe popular, successful, and get along witheveryone? Here are 8 unique success secrets tohelp you.
  3. 3. Why is Nancy so popular? She is FRIENDLY. Noone is a stranger to her. She is so easy-going,informal, and fun. She makes it look so easy.Now look closer; her EYEBROWS are set low overher eyes.
  4. 4. Joe is always so quiet, aloof, reserved, formal,and usually stays at his desk. He doesn’t talk tomany people. He is SELECTIVE abouteverything; belongings and friends. Lookcloser; notice how high his eyebrows are placedabove the eyes.
  5. 5. Sam is a nagger, faultfinder, always CRITIZING.No one seems to like him. Nothing seems toget passed him. He sees everything. Lookcloser; his eyes slant down.
  6. 6. Betty is so nice all the time, easy to get longwith. She is NOT CRITICAL at all. But she doesmiss out on things. Look closer; her eyes slantup.
  7. 7. Karen is always giving. She has such an outpouring nature. She let Ted use her car theother night. And she lent Mary $10 for lunch.She is very GENEROUS. Look closer; noticeHow full her lips are.
  8. 8. Frank is TIGHT. He gets right to the point andgets things done. He doesn’t waste anything;talk, gestures, time, materials. I like him on myteam. His lips are thin.
  9. 9. Why don’t Patty and Rick get along? Rick isusually wondering why Patty can’t get to workon time, and has to remind her of everything.Patty is very TOLERANT, a good sport, but shedoes procrastinate. And she’s always so good-natured about it. Look closer; see her eyes arefar apart.
  10. 10. Rick on the other hand is very IMPATIENT,complains a lot, impossible to please, and aperfectionist. He gets upset so easily. His eyesare very close together.
  11. 11. Do you recognize any of these personality traitsin yourself or anyone you know? Knowing thepersonality behind the face, you can approacheach person according to their personality,improve your communications, relationships,and succeed in