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W2 profibus health monitoring dale fittes, hitex


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Practical presentation on PROFIBUS system health monitoring

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W2 profibus health monitoring dale fittes, hitex

  1. 1. AA HOLISTIC APPROACH to PROFIBUS DIAGNOSTICS Dale Fittes Hitex UKHitex UK 024 7669 2066
  2. 2. Key Points for Successful Health Monitoring on PROFIBUS Networks  Take a holistic approach i e 360˚ view Take a holistic approach i.e. 360 view  May require inter-departmental collaboration  e g Production Maintenance IT QA e.g. Production, Maintenance, IT, QA.  Combine continuous monitoring with“point-and-shoot”diagnostics  Requires a combination of tools and skillsets 024 7669 2066
  3. 3. PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite  Universal diagnostic software supports multiple tools Universal diagnostic software supports multiple tools 024 7669 2066
  4. 4. PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite Functionality with supported buscheck tools Trigger Standard tests Expert tests Network status Trend long-termtest phys.&comm. Analysis alysis mulator ality ents Test functions oneoperation ntbusstatus ort ramanalysis nalysis Quickand Overview ProtocolA SignalAna Topology Mastersim Signalqua Criticaleve Input Output Protocol Analyzer BC 4 0 PB      Stand-alo Permanen Testrepo Oscillogr Framean BC-4x0-PB PROFIBUS Inspektor BC-502-PB/CL      PROFIBUS Tester 4 BC 600 PB              in prep BC-600-PB prep. PROFIBUS Tester 3 PB-T3         024 7669 2066
  5. 5. PROFIBUS Tester 4 ► Very powerful all-in-one PROFIBUS DP tester which simultaneously analyses data communication and monitors bus quality. ► Integrated master simulator allows bus testing without having a PLC connected, and pinpoints faults on individual bus devicespinpoints faults on individual bus devices. ► Stand-alone mode - allows testing without connecting to a laptop PC ► Extremely easy to use: Just one click starts a full bus test.“Traffic light” status indication. ► Rapid, accurate and reproducible test results 024 7669 2066
  6. 6. PROFIBUS Tester 4PROFIBUS Tester 4 Features and applications ► ll f ll t ti f li O S t ith i i i t b► Allows full testing of live PROFIBUS DP segments with minimum impact on bus operation. ► U i l t l f► Universal tool for: – Setup and commissioning – Documentation – Acceptance TestsAcceptance Tests – Preventive maintenance – Optimization – Troubleshooting – Field device testing 024 7669 2066
  7. 7. PROFIBUS Tester 4PROFIBUS Tester 4 Stand-alone mode ►Li t t f ll b d i►Live status of all bus devices ►Quick test* of network status (10 memory locations)(10 memory locations) ►Trend* ►Master simulator►Master simulator 024 7669 2066 • * Display and detailed analysis of test results on the PC using the PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite
  8. 8. PROFIBUS Tester 4PROFIBUS Tester 4 Main Benefits ► Reduces commissioning times ► Down-time prevention due to regular preventive testsp g p ► Effective and quick trouble-shooting reduces unscheduled downtimes 024 7669 2066
  9. 9. PROFIBUS Di ti S itPROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite Bus and network status ► The Bus Status Display continually shows the bus status whether or not the test has begun: ► :The Network Status Overview displays the overall diagnostic result and provides a brief overview of the bus physics and bus communication 024 7669 2066
  10. 10. PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite Network status – Protocol tab ► Select segment, master or slave levels: 024 7669 2066
  11. 11. PROFIBUS Diagnostics SuitePROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite Network status – Protocol tab ► If the correct GSD files are available for identified devices, the device type, error messages, configuration and parameters can be displayed in plain text other tools reading hexadecimal  only PB‐DIAG‐SUITE reads clear text ► All state changes of masters + slaves are logged with time stamp 024 7669 2066
  12. 12. PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suiteg Network status - Signal Quality tab ► The Signal Quality tab provides an overview of the bus physics by indicating the quality index measured for all bus devices – Even transient physical faults that occur only sporadically will be detected and displayed reliably ► Si l d t il il bl f h b d i b► Signal details available for each bus device can be displayed optionally: 024 7669 2066
  13. 13. PROFIBUS Diagnostics SuitePROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite Network Status - Topology tab ► The topology scan determines the sequence and distances of all passive bus devices 024 7669 2066
  14. 14. PROFIBUS Diagnostics SuitePROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite Trend Analysis ► The trend analysis is used for finding rare or sporadic faults over a prolonged period of time. ► C b th b i ti d i l lit► Covers both bus communication and signal quality. 024 7669 2066
  15. 15. PROFIBUS Diagnostics SuitePROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite Test report ► Based on the network status, a detailed test report including all graphics can be generated from an active test tool, or from a file. ► The test report can be printed or t d PDF E l filexported as a PDF or an Excel file 024 7669 2066
  16. 16. PROFIBUS Diagnostics SuitePROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite Expert functions - Oscilloscope ► The signal can be analyzed with the integrated oscilloscope 024 7669 2066
  17. 17. PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite Expert functions - Frames ► The frame analysis function provides powerful trigger and filter settings for analyzing individual frames 024 7669 2066
  18. 18. PROFIBUS Tester 4PROFIBUS Tester 4 Optional Accessories ► The D-sub adapter cable BC-600-PB-CB-DSUB-1 is optimized for reduced influence on live PROFIBUS DP segment operation for testing of running plants.The risk of critical influences on bus ti hi h l t t d till i i ifi tloperation which can cause a plant standstill is significantly reduced. ► Using the M12 adapter set BC-600-PB-CB-M12, you can connect theg p , y PROFIBUS Tester 4 to field devices with M12 connectors. ► BC-MOST-PB mobile electric power supply offering up to 4 hours of operating time includes charging station 230V 50/60Hz with Poweroperating time, includes charging station 230V 50/60Hz with Power Plug Euro Type C / CEE 7/16only) and carrying bag 024 7669 2066
  19. 19. PROFIBUS Monitor®PROFIBUS Monitor Features and Applications l f d► Alerts if PROFIBUS DP maintenance is required ► Preventing of loss of production due to fieldbus faults ► P it h d li f b i t► Permits scheduling of bus maintenance – Best use of the often scarce maintenance resources – Efficient utilization of system downtimes ► Easy-to-use via integrated web interface 024 7669 2066 – Status of all bus devices at a glance
  20. 20. ®PROFIBUS Monitor® Functionality ► Permanent monitoring of the health of the PROFIBUS and alerting of operational staff if operator intervention is required ► Supports PROFIBUS DP, DPV1, FMS and MPI Auto baud rate detection 9 6 kbit/s 12 Mbit/s– Auto baud rate detection 9,6 kbit/s … 12 Mbit/s ► One Inspektor per bus line is all that is needed (no matter how many physical segments) ► No bus address or changes to the PLC program are required for setup and commissioning ► Non-proprietary functionality allows use across all controller and bus device types ► M it i f b l ti d f iti l t► Monitoring of bus cycle times and occurrence of critical events – Corrupt telegrams – Telegram repetition – Device drops and restarts ( )– Device errors (internal/external diagnostics) – Bus faults ► Alarm list ► Frame snapshots ► Bus status report 024 7669 2066
  21. 21. PROFIBUS Monitor®PROFIBUS Monitor Alerting via PLC/process controller 024 7669 2066
  22. 22. PROFIBUS Monitor®PROFIBUS Monitor Central server for data and analysis (option) Other fieldbus, e.g. CAN PROFIBUS DP On request Ethernet The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete the image and then insert it again.  PROmanage Server: Central event and alarm database for up to 80 Monitors  Office PC 024 7669 2066
  23. 23. PROFIBUS Monitor®PROFIBUS Monitor Web interface – main overview 024 7669 2066
  24. 24. PROFIBUS Inspektor®PROFIBUS Inspektor Parameterization ► Settings for thresholds, alerts and snapshots in one go or separately for each device ► On error detection: – The ERR LED turns red – The potential-free contact closes, the relay clicks audibly – Visualization via integrated web interfacesua at o a teg ated e te a e ► Unique feature: Alerting for error frames and bus cycle time deviations 024 7669 2066
  25. 25. PROFIBUS Monitor®PROFIBUS Monitor Extended analysis functions ► l li t f th l t iti l t► Alarm list of the last 100 critical events ► Snapshots with 500 frames from the last 8 critical events – Downloadable from web interface to PC D t il l i ith PB DIAG SUITE (F d d i d P t l)– Detail analysis with PB-DIAG-SUITE (Frames and derived Protocol) 024 7669 2066
  26. 26. PROFIBUS Monitor®PROFIBUS Monitor Optional Accessories ► Active connection cable BC-131-PB – Allows remote tests at a distance of 3 m without disturbing effects of a spur cable – hassle-free integration into existing or running installations w/o changing cablingg ► Starter Package BC-502-PB-START – Complete set for quick commissioning – Everything included to start measuring at running systems immediatelyEverything included to start measuring at running systems immediately ► Comfort Line license BC-502-PB/CL5 – Enables full featured protocol analyzer via USB and PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite ► Premium Line license BC-502-PB/SNMP – Enables SNMP features for central data management 024 7669 2066
  27. 27. PB-USB Universal PROFIBUS Interface with High-Speed USB Port Optimised for :‐ Network Configuration,  Device Parameterization  PLC programmingPLC programming  Plant maintenance  Data acquisition. 024 7669 2066
  28. 28. PROFIBUS EASY-ACCESS TEST POINT Provides easy access where there is no D‐SUB connector available 024 7669 2066
  29. 29. PROFIBUS Current Clamp Meter Ideal for finding earth faults etc. 024 7669 2066
  30. 30.  l And finally....consult the experts for:  Application Notes  White Papers  Tech Tips  Training  Consultancy  Design Servicesg  Friendly advice! 024 7669 2066
  31. 31. Thank you! Hitex UK Ltd Millburn Hill Road Warwick University Science ParkWarwick University Science Park Coventry CV4 7HS Tel: 02476 692066 Fax: 02476 692131 Email: www hitex co 024 7669 2066