Social Media for Non Profits


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Social Media for Non Profits

  2. 2. Overview – Non-Profits One of biggest groups benefiting from socialmedia Free publicity/marketing for cash-strappedcharities Helps them connect with passionatecommunities around their cause Grows donor base and increases $$$
  3. 3. Non Profits Using Social Media
  4. 4. How Non-Profits Are Using SM Most non-profits using social media participateon two or more sites Most common sites: Facebook Fan Pages YouTube Channels Twitter Feeds
  5. 5. How Non-Profits are Using SM Micro-Funding Instead of soliciting a few big donors, socialmedia creates opportunities for many smalldonors Increase Audience Interaction Making content shareable (e.g. NPR podcasts) New ways of interaction (e.g. Tweet questions forradio shows)
  6. 6. How Non-Profits Are Using SM Volunteer Recruitment Ability to localize opportunities Message to pre-qualified leads (e.g. FBFans, Twitter followers) Education Captive audience of fans who pass messagealong On-going opportunities (vs. one-time brochure ormailer)
  7. 7. Facebook Causes Facebook app that is “democratizing activism”by giving users tools to leverage their networkon Facebook to effect positive change Allows users to create their own cause and/oreasily recruit friends to support and raisemoney for any non-profit with 501(c)(3) status Co-founded by Sean Parker (yes, *that* SeanParker!)
  8. 8. Facebook CausesSearch by typeof cause basedon your personalinterestsCreate your owncause andautomatedonations (501c3s only)
  9. 9. Facebook CausesOpportunity for non-profits to educate usersand recruit people tosupport their cause
  10. 10. YouTube for Non-Profits Special designation for non-profits that givesthem free enhanced YouTube channels
  11. 11. YouTube for Non-Profits The option to drive fundraising through aGoogle Checkout "Donate" button Listing on the non-profit channels and the non-profit videos pages Ability to add a call-to-action overlay on videosto drive campaigns Recruit YouTube user volunteers to createvideos for their cause
  12. 12. Invisible Children – KONY 2012 Documentary video about a notorious Ugandan warlordthat went viral virtually overnight Nearly 86 million views on YouTube since March 5 Propelled by celebrity involvement & social mediashares – retweets, FB posts, media interviews, etc.
  13. 13. It Gets Better Project It Gets Better Project supports young LGBT people &encourages them to stay strong during their teenage years Created in response to high rates of teenage suicide in theLGBT community Google Chrome adopted the cause in its advertisingcampaign which shows how messages go viral through socialmedia
  14. 14. No Kid Hungry
  15. 15. American Red Cross
  16. 16. 2011 Japan Earthquake & TsunamiSupport Red Cross Promoting way to donate on Twitter Text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10 Also has a Facebook Causes page Save the Children Zynga offering ways to donate while playingFarmville & Cityville on Facebook Created a Facebook page for people to uploadphotos of paper cranes in support of victims
  17. 17. Breast Cancer Awareness CaseStudy Susan G. KomenFoundation challengedwomen to list where theylike to keep their purse astheir status update "I like it on the floor“ or "Ilike it on the kitchencounter“ Goal was to create buzzand awareness for breastcancer Huge uptick in traffic tobreast cancer relatedsites