Social Media and Brands


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This presentation gives an overview of how brands are using social media to reach and engage their target consumers online.

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Social Media and Brands

  1. 1. February 12, 2013
  2. 2. The New Normal Paradigm shift – many to many Power to the people It’s about the conversation PLUS: Brands relinquishing control of their once fiercely-protected identities Brands participating in conversations with consumers(dialectic is best way to persuade) Brands realizing the power of relationships
  3. 3. The “Relationship” Era of MarketingPRODUCT ERA CONSUMER ERA RELATIONSHIP ERAMarketing is:Informingpeople aboutproductsMarketing is:Persuadingpeople to buyMarketing is:Creatingsustainablerelationships(1900s-1960s) (1960s-2000s) (2000s-NOW)
  4. 4. SM is Crucial for Brands Brands constantly challenged to find new ways toacquire new customers Death of :30 second spot + fragmented medialandscape = hard to reach consumers Before – brands reached consumers through media Now – brands can speak directly to consumers EVERY brand in existence is asking, “How do I reachand engage new & existing consumers through socialmedia?”
  5. 5. Common Threads Transparency – brands disclosing & sharing moreinformation than ever before Authenticity – company executives getting “real” withconsumers Participation – inviting consumers to participate in themarketing campaign itself
  6. 6. Fiat User-submitteddesigns Community voting Winners saw theirdesign on display atSEMA show
  7. 7. KIA Motors – Who’s Next? Campaign for launch ofKIA Soul Invited consumers tosubmit videos explainingwhy they should be thenext YouTube star Winner got $10,000 todevelop their ownYouTube channel
  8. 8. Skittles High degree ofuserparticipation Photo of theweek Highly visualwebsite featuresusersubmissions,Twitter stream,etc.
  9. 9. Netflix Held contest to improveits “Cinematch”recommendation engine Prize went to whomevercould increase matchpredictions by 10%(worth $1MM to thecompany) More than 30,000hackers worked on it
  10. 10. Rickshaw Bagworks
  11. 11. B2B virtual business phonesolution Rebranding effort to focus onentrepreneurs Inspiring video + mailing ofchocolate-coveredgrasshoppers to journalists Encouraged photo-sharingthrough social media Results: 119 blog posts, 30,000referrals, 1,500 tweets, 4000%increase in traffic to websitefrom social media
  12. 12. Comcast @ComcastCares – 54Kfollowers Tech support for Comcast’s23 million subscribers Started by FrankEliason, Senior Director ofCustomer Service Opens up a new channel toaddress customercomplaints
  13. 13. Samsung Mobile
  14. 14. Gap Decided to update their logo: Ran into tremendous backlash on Facebook andTwitter Within one week, decided to switch back to the oldlogo as a result THAT’s the power of social media!
  15. 15. Old Spice Body Wash Old Spice BodyWash launched adcampaign featuringMustafa (the OldSpice Guy) Mustafa createdpersonal videoresponses tocelebrities viaYouTube Sales for Body Washrose by 107%
  16. 16. Domino’s Pizza Brand Promise“You call us up and invite us to your home; you trust usto make dinner for you; you invite us to your doorstep.Thats sacred to us, and thats why our people wear fulluniforms. We want you to trust us when your doorbellrings.”- Tim McIntyre, vice-president of communications
  17. 17. Case Study – Domino’s Two Domino’s employeesuploaded a video toYouTube showing themputting boogers onpizzas Video spread rapidlyacross the Internet andcreated a huge PRnightmare for thecompany
  18. 18. How Domino’s Responded Identified the employees and fired them Contacted the Health Department andlocal police to file charges against thetwo culprits The social media team immediatelycontacted YouTube to ask that the videobe removed (not that simple)
  19. 19. How Domino’s Responded (cont.) Didn’t issue a public statement; instead responded todirect inquiries via, FB, Twitter, etc. Domino’s posted its own video to YouTube, featuringcompany president who calmly and sincerely ventedhis anger and reiterated how sacred the companyholds its customers trust. Purposely used the word “disgusting” in title so thatwhen people searched on YT, the new Domino’s videowould show up first
  20. 20. The Aftermath Within three hours of posting the company videoresponse to YouTube, views of the original videosurged to over one million. And for the first time ever, on that day only, searchqueries for keyword "Dominos" surpassed those for"Paris Hilton.“ The company-posted video also quickly propelled thestory into mainstream US news, then global media –60 million media impressions
  21. 21. The Aftermath (cont.) Sales/franchisees suffered - the company reported flatto slightly positive sales in the second quarter Received top honors in the annual American CustomerSatisfaction Index (ACSI) in May. Domino’s now a great example for how to handle asocial media crisis the *right* way