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Middle mosaic


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Middle Mosaic session November 21, #ncte15

Published in: Education
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Middle mosaic

  1. 1. Lessons from History Or everything old is new again Or back to the future Or everything I need to know I learned in grad school Or, as Donalyn Miller says, “I’ve got research, yes I do. I’ve got research, how about you?”
  2. 2. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana
  3. 3. @professornana nana
  4. 4. And begin my lifetime of reading
  5. 5. Romance, racecars, and even some NF!
  6. 6. And research on readers? Norvell 50K students surveyed Kids hated the classics/required books Girls preferred books by female authors Boys preferred books by male writers BIG take-away Three strikes observations about RA
  7. 7. peace, love, sisters!
  8. 8. Drugs, alcohol, murder and mayhem
  9. 9. And research on readers? Daniel Fader from Hooked on Books Newspapers, magazines, and paperbacks in the classrooms Acts of literacy are “unavoidable” Access to real (trade) books “If teachers view themselves first as purveyors of pleasure rather than instructors in skill, they may find the skill will flourish where pleasure has been cultivated.”
  10. 10. Growing up and moving on
  11. 11. Sex, drugs, violence
  12. 12. And research on readers? People, rather than texts, carry meaning: Probst (shades of Rosenblatt)
  13. 13. And oh the makeup! The 80s
  14. 14. Breaking taboos And finding your way
  15. 15. Voices of Readers Carlsen and Sherrill Setting aside for reading Having a teacher show in the individual's reading Having teachers Being exposed to a of reading fare Receiving help from books books with friends Participating in reader-centered of literature Being allowed freedom of in reading fare
  16. 16. Sports, sporting life, granchildren
  17. 17. Darkness, humor,
  18. 18. And research on readers? Students' self-concepts and the value they place on reading are critical to their success (Gambrell) Choice is widely acknowledged as a method for enhancing motivation (Lepper) Providing balanced book collections at all grade levels is vital to engagement (Pappas)
  19. 19. Go back for some snow Serve on some committees Meet famous people
  20. 20. Brave New Worlds
  21. 21. And research on readers? Stephen Krashen’s The Power of Reading school libraries was a strong predictor of reading achievement; the library predictor was nearly as strong as social class comic book reading was significantly associated with more reading enjoyment studies have consistently shown that those who read more show more literacy development studies indicate that a text needs to be about 98% comprehensible in order for it to help the reader acquire new vocabulary
  22. 22. Books Committees New friends
  23. 23. New Voices
  24. 24. And research on readers? Dick Allington in Every Child, Every Day Every child reads something he or she chooses. Every child reads accurately. Every child reads something he or she understands. Every child talks with peers about reading and writing. Every child listens to a fluent adult read aloud.
  25. 25. So what have we learned? “For virtually all children, the amount of time spent reading in classrooms consistently accelerates their growth in reading skills.” —Anderson, 1995; AndersonWilson & Fielding, 1988
  26. 26. Scholastic Report Link to report
  27. 27. Books that Make them Laugh