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E R C presentation by Gerber and Lesesne


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Jonkoping ERC preso, August 2013

Published in: Education, Business
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E R C presentation by Gerber and Lesesne

  1. 1. Evolution and Revolution in Literature and Literacies
  2. 2. Changing Landscape of Literature and Literacy Blurring of lines between adult, teen (YA), tween, and children's lit: who IS the intended audience? Genre boundaries shifting and blurring hard to pigeonhole Redefinition of reading and literacy beyond the 3 Rs
  3. 3. Blurring Lines
  4. 4. forms and formats
  5. 5. Transaction, Stance, Response All are paramount but being redefined by the nature of the changing landscape of literature and what it means to be literate. And as technology advances and becomes more accessible, the evolution will continue.
  6. 6. Interactive Fiction What is it? Who engages in it? Dear Esther
  7. 7. Transliteracy (Liu, 2005)
  8. 8. Transmedia YAL What is it? Who engages in it?
  9. 9. New Apps that are Blurring Lines
  10. 10. Transmedia YAL •Skeleton Creek •39 Clues •Infinity Ring •Softwire Series •Trackers •3:15 •Dark Eden
  11. 11. Teachers' Perceptions of Teaching with Transmedia Literature
  12. 12. Student Perceptions?
  13. 13. Crystal Ball, Anyone?