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Virtual World Language Learning


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Virtual world language learning JALT 2010 presentation. 1 Billion registered users worldwide, predominantly around 11 years old. Public virtual worlds at the bottom of the hype cycle. Expected to become mainstream in 5-10 years. Will future college students be virtual world language learners?

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Virtual World Language Learning

  1. 1. Mike McKay M.Ed. Tech Mukogawa Women’s University Adjunct - English Department
  2. 2. WHAT IS A VIRTUAL WORLD? A 3D computer environment in which users are represented on screen as themselves or as made-up characters and interact in real time with other users. Massively multiuser online games (MMOGs) and worlds such as Second Life are examples. – PC Mag Anonymous Engaging Fun! Immersive Inspiring Challenging “It's a bit like The Matrix . We provide the land, and the community builds the actual world, which gives everyone a huge sense of being pioneers in a great experiment.” --Philip Rosedale, Second Life Creator
  3. 3. Club Penguin has over 14 million registered users Gartner research states that by 2012, 70 per cent of organizations will be using virtual worlds to support internal collaboration and social interaction. WHO USES VIRTUAL WORLDS? Over 1 BILLION registered virtual world users (Kzero, 2010). Kids mostly use virtual multi- player environments to play games. However, thousands of government agencies and schools use virtual worlds for telepresent meetings.
  6. 6. WHAT IS SECOND LIFETM ? Second Life is a three-dimensional virtual community created entirely by its membership. Members assume an identity and take up residence in Second Life, creating a customized avatar, or personage, to represent themselves. The avatar moves about in the virtual world using mouse control and intuitive keyboard buttons. – Wise Geek 750,000 active users : 20 million registered Over 30,000 places to visit Takes five hours to drive across the mainland
  7. 7. WHAT IS VIRTUAL WORLD LANGUAGE LEARNING? A medium for engaging students in active learning otherwise not possible in a traditional classroom. Cypris Chat helped me pass my teacher’s exam. – Kazy Dover, Chiba Japan I passed my UBELT exam. Thank you Cypris. – Lio Lombardia, Bulgaria I passed pre-intermediate English. - Lora Tachikawa, Poland
  8. 8. WHY DO WE NEED IT? VIRTUAL WORLD LANGUAGE LEARNING It relieves some of the pressure to achieve results, and makes acquisition of the language meaningful and rewarding. Students have freedom to live in the language. Limited time to practice Pressured to perform A need for accomplishment “Cypris Chat helped me pass my teacher’s exam.” – Kazy Dover, Chiba Japan “I passed my UBELT exam. Thank you Cypris.” – Lio Lombardia, Bulgaria “Cypris changed my life.” - Lora Tachikawa, Poland
  9. 9. HOW CAN I LEARN MORE? 1. Join Second Life 2. Download and install FREE viewer application 3. Open viewer. Log in with avatar name and password 4. Search and teleport to Cypris Village III Teacher/student training workshops Not-for-profit to help Japan learn more Cypris Chat is an international learning community based in Japan for the sole purpose of creating more opportunities for learners to practice speaking English.
  10. 10. I am available for: • Consultations • Presentations • Interviews • Virtual world design and building Or…heck…even a full time teaching position would be nice  Twitter: @slprof Thank you! Join the Cypris Society mailing list in the back to keep in touch