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Cypris Chat 2


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A virtual world language learning project by members of Cypris Chat in Second Life

Published in: Education
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Cypris Chat 2

  1. 1. cool Cypris Magazine Volume 2 - September 2010
  2. 2. Chat? INTORODUCTION Wh at is C ypris Cypris Chat is a not-for-profit virtual world English language learning community located on Cypris Village III island in Second Life. Cypris Chat is not a school, however we offer “practice times” in the form of organized lessons, discussions, chats, events, and activities. We have a strict policy for maintaining peace in our group, and ask our members to be as active as possible in order to encourage communication within the family. Come see for yourself just how exciting this new way of learning can be. Join Second Life at and then teleport to Cypris Village III. Visit our website at: -2-
  3. 3. CONTENTS Cypris C hat Maga zine Featured Articles Words from worlds - p4 -p7 Cypris Village Photos Interview : Mystie Slade pp 5-6 We are talking about reading circle with Mystie, Featured Spots -p8 who is an excellent reading circle leader. She The Family - p11 gives us chances to read and talk about the stories every week. Donations - p14 Cypris Chat Activities pp 9-10 Credits - p15 Every week there is something fun to do at Cypris Village. In this article, We talk about DJ hosting and activities at the Tiki Bar. Featured Villagers pp 12-13 There are two brilliant villagers who have improved their English better and made many sweet friends at Cypris Chat. Let’s talk about their story! -3-
  4. 4. 我很喜欢Cypris,在这里你 可以认识来自全世界的朋 友和练习英语 Leee Megadon (China) Amal Cliassi (Saudi Arabia) Cypris is el mejor sitio para aprender ingles en SL! Muchismas gracias a todos los profesores, sin ellos esto no seria lo mismo. Saludas. (Spain) Yomisma Aura (Spain) Cypris — это место, где Вы можете встретить интересных Cypris Chatは、 людей и попрактиковать Ваш 世界の английский язык. 人々めぐり合い、 ボイスチャット Kedo Dawodu (Russia) できる セカンドライフの 中では 数少ない 場所です. (Japan) Showshow Second life helps me 내가 사랑하는 많은 사람들이 있는 곳. CYPRIS. 난 이곳에서 Camel learn new things, 영어와 사람의 정을 배운 것 같 be creative, meet 다. new people and Ann Queenstown (Korea) help in ways I never expected. PinkSamurai (Egypt) Words from the world!
  5. 5. Interview : Mystie Slade Mini Reading Circle was formed after Professor Merryman made the real Reading Circle class earlier this year. There are 6 different roles for participants. Every week we read a short story and prepare in advance for a 5 minute presentation according to each role, then discuss it. Talking about Reading Circle Sitting around and talking about weekly story How can we make the activity a better experience? What do you think will attract good speakers of English to participate? We are doing great so far, but if anything, I hope to see people stop typing in local chat when Hmmm. I only wish for members Reading circle leader Mystie at Cypris to join who really love reading and someone is reading or speaking because we get What do you like most about the members distracted. I prefer everyone uses text chat only participateing actively. who come to Mini Reading Circle? when really necessary. Do you think you can find a solution I like everyone because they are all motivated Do you think reading stories is helpful to to a larger number of participants? and enjoy participating. I am really happy to those who have just started to learn English? have people who are committed. It is interesting We have a limit of only 5-6 people to learn different ideas and opinions, too. I don’t think this activity is for absolute beginners maximum in one group. That is one because they can neither understand the story of the reasons why I don’t advertise in nor say what they want to say. I do try to find notices. We only have 5-10 mins per stories with audio recordings so that we can person, but actually we spend15-20 listen and understand easier, though. I hope it mins in each discussion. Everyone helps. should have enough time to speak, so time is limited. Hopefully someone else will start their reading circles at different times/days in the near future. -5-
  6. 6. Reading Circle (cont’d) What advice would you give to those who organize such activities in SL? I’m not an expert. I can only say that you need to be patient and be open minded. Professor told me on the first day to keep a smile on my face while leading a class. ;) What do you think about observers, how can you help them to participate in the activity? If they are interested, they can sit around us and listen to what and how we are doing. They are also welcome to join in the discussion when we start talking. What is your greatest joy before, during and Join us in the secret garden every Wednesday from 5:00-6:30 AM (SL time PDT) after Mini Reading Circle started? Before I started this activity, I was worried at first The Reading Circle because I didn’t know how many people would like to join. Then after attending the Reading Everyone must read the story assigned for that week. Each person is Circle organized by Professor, I thought I could given a role to present at the next class. These can be: Discussion Leader, do something because it was really fun. I Summarizer, Word Master or Grammarian, Passage Person, Connector, or am very happy to see people keep attending Culture Collector. When the class meets the following week, each person this activity every week, and enjoying it. My has 5-10 minutes to present their role to the class. only concern now is how to keep finding good stories. Role based langusge learning is a fantastic way to incorporate reading, writing, listening, and speaking...and it’s fun! Thank you very much everyone. :) Professor Merryman Interviewed by Cata Charisma -6-
  7. 7. Welcome Area Reading Circle Tiki bar Cypris Village III Chat Ring
  8. 8. The Welcome Area The Chat Ring This welcome area screams “summer camp” All the free classes (yes, FREE!) are held with the log chairs, wood plank flooring, log in the Chat Ring. It’s a simulated outdoor handrails, and the community’s official flag. classroom where students and observers Visitors get the rustic feel the moment they attend classes given by the tutors. There’s teleport to the sim. An introduction of Cypris no fixed curriculum. Most of the lessons are Village and other helpful information are for intermediate and advanced learners, posted in this area. There are volunteers considering the English level of most who receive visitors and help out newbies attendees who come frequently. These with their voice chat settings. sessions last for about two hours and sometimes there are group trips with the tutors to other sims after class. The Reading Circle Every Wednesday, a group of ESL students The Tiki Bar gather at the Secret Garden for a reading and sharing session called the Reading The resident DJ/tutor, DukeVan Acker, Circle. The group reads a story and each hosts chat parties every Sunday at the Tiki of its members has an assigned role in the Bar. And Himiko Allen hosts Idiom Practice structured discussion that follows. Although sessions on Fridays. These are both great this activity is intended for ESL students, ways for us to meet friends and learn casual observers are always welcome. something at the same time. a INTERVIEW SECTION Featured Spots -8-
  9. 9. Cypris Chat Activity Duke’s DJ night on Sundays By Curtis Deezul Every Sunday, Cypris Chat members get the groove in their heart as DukeVan Acker plays excellent music that really livens up the tiki bar. The DJ sessions are a great opportunity for Cypris Chat members to get their dancing shoes on and boogie on down. Sometimes to mix things up (much like a cocktail you always may want to have) these DJ sessions wanted to wear! The tiki strengthening are themed. You can really go to bar has an excellent array of dance their strong bonds while at town creating a crazy avatar and moves available so you can easily the same time giving them an who knows you might not look out find something that suits your mood opportunity to practice their of place! It’s also a great chance to and the music. Plus there’s nothing English skills. But of course improve on your own avatar with stopping you from dressing up as you don’t have to dance, some ideas you may have never Michael Jackson and doing the moves you can sip a nice Martini or thought of. Now you finally have an like the master himself. juice beverage of your choice opportunity to don that Elvis costume at the bar whilst soaking in you’ve The DJ sessions also allow Cypris the atmosphere and maybe Chat members to mingle and to trying to casually join in on the really get to know each amusing conversation .Or you other, further can just sit down, close your -9-
  10. 10. The DJ sessions are an awesome way to introduce new members to Cypris Chat. It will certainly be a first day to remember. The music will provide an excellent ice breaker. It also shows new members that Cypris Chat is a relaxed and friendly place. This encourages communication. The brilliant sessions start on Sundays from 6:00 AM SLT to 8:00 AM ALT an announcement will happen regarding the theme is also a great conversation topic. so that you can get an amazing eyes and let the excellent music do The atmosphere is always lively and avatar prepared and to “wow” the work . buzzing with enjoyment. How about your fellow Cypris Chat members. putting on the midnight setting whilst The DJ sessions are a great way Duke plays a chilled out tune and to meet new people, and when the dance with your favorite Cypris Chat Check the calendar for all alcohol is flowing you may see a member? Now that’s a great photo upcoming activities. Go to: side of them you never thought you’d for the album! see! This provides for entertaining conversation in the morning… If you are feeling competitive, why assuming you can remember the not have an arm wrestle? excellent night you had! The sessions allow an open door to discover new music from different countries and cultures. This is good for everyone as it - 10 -
  11. 11. is Chat Family! We are theCypr - 11 -
  12. 12. Featured Villager leee Megadon My name is  leee Cypris is a very international community  too. People can Megadon  in Second Life. learn something more than I’m from China. I have been English and know how to in Cypris Chat for more than get along well with people one year.  Looking back, from different countries I have had a lot of fun and and backgrounds.  You can had many good times. make some connections   with those  countries  and  of Cypirs Chat is a totally great course you can get knowledge place. It’s a place where you about those countries as well.  can meet great people and So  I  really  appreciate  that we exchange and share your have this kind of environment thoughts in English.   It’s and hope everyone reading likes a family. The first time I  this magazine  will join Cypris came here I could just speak Chat right now! a little  English  and now my  English has improved tremendously because of the most talented tutors and learners in the world. leee Megadon - 12 -
  13. 13. Featured Villager cacy Karu Hello, everyone. far away feeling of being a college student. It was a really enjoyable and pleasant time for I’m very happy to have this me. Therefore, I’ m still a member opportunity to talk about my of the mini reading circle at Cypris experience at Cypris Chat. It Chat with Lee, Pink, Cata, Ann, was Kazy Dover who brought Mystie and sometimes Ivory. me to Cypris Chat the first time. She is really a nice girl. I enjoy this virtual world deeply in After all, she is my niece in RL. my mind along with my husband. I’d like to sincerely say thank you I have met many friends here. to all members of Cypris Chat. They are all kind, respectable, Thank you! mischievous and fun. My brightest memory here is joining a reading circle class, organized by Professor, with Mystie, Himiko, Christine, Vamp and Ann. cacy Karu Actually, it was hard to finish the weekly assignments in time for class. It made me recall a - 13 -
  14. 14. Donations Cypris Chat is supported solely by donations from our members. Its growth and prosperity depend entirely on volunteer efforts and monetary support. Each month we must pay for our virtual real estate, something like hosting fees similar to a website, to the amount of $125.00 USD/mth. We must also pay for the website’s hosting, currently $20.00 USD/mth. We also pay for activities and events, donations, rewards and incentives for our active members, plus various costs related to maintaining growth including advertising, statistical analysis, as well as formal presentations and workshops given which help to spread the word of virtual world language learning. Any support we receive will be greatly appreciated. - 14 -
  15. 15. Now, I can REST! ←Ann Queenstown (man) lol Magazine Staff!!! Article Writers Content Advisors Ivory ishelwood Kazy Dover Cacy Karu Amal Cliassi Curtis Deezul Mystie Slade Chief Editor Leee Megadon Ann Queenstown Cata Charisma - 15 - And a little help from Professor Merryman...:-)