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Vt pedagogy 2013 summ

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Vt pedagogy 2013 summ

  1. 1. It Doesn’t Take a Village— It Takes a Personal Learning Network! Gary Schirr Laurel Schirr Radford University Virginia Tech
  2. 2. Lifetime Learning and A Network “Lifetime learning, part of the role of an academic in both teaching and research roles, advances the economy and culture of a community” (Whyte 1989). “Without sharing there is no education” (Wiley 2008). “We have long relied on…colleagues & acquaintances to supplement our knowledge…” (Warlick 2009, p. 13)
  4. 4. NETWORKING FOR LEARNING How do YOU network? Are you networking now?
  5. 5. “10 SECOND NETWORKING EXERCISE” • Your name • Your job and institution • What is the subject that you chose for “lifelong learning?”
  6. 6. “5 MINUTE NETWORKING EXERCISE” • EVERYONE UP! • Introduce yourself • Exchange cards or email addresses • Feel free to change seats
  7. 7. Personal Learning Network “Personal learning networks (“PLN”) are not new. We have long relied on…colleagues and acquaintances to supplement our knowledge…” (Warlick 2009, p. 13)
  8. 8. A PLN and SOCIAL MEDIA “It is vital that every educator use social media to develop a PLN… to advance their own lifelong learning as well as understand the virtual learning environments of their students.” Richardson and Mancabelli (2011)
  9. 9. A PLN and SOCIAL MEDIA “Learners have always depended on peer networks; social networking allows one to effectively approximate online the traditional learning opportunities of study groups, brown bag lunches, and communities of practice” (Martindale and Dowdy 2010).
  10. 10. A PLN and SOCIAL MEDIA “Online PLNs are vital to sustained, long- term learning: traditional offline PLNs die when people change jobs… PLNs on social media are not dependent on location or current tasks (Couros 2010).
  11. 11. Social Media Changes EVERYTHING! “Social Media is Word of Mouth on Steroids” - Erik Qualman “Social Media puts PLNs on Steroids” - The Schirrs
  12. 12. USING YOUR PLN
  13. 13. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE of PLN What is the primary objective? Life-long learning
  14. 14. Marketing Professionals Keeping up on practice… AND USING A PLN to find Guest Speakers
  15. 15. TWEET FOR HELP! Contributor Prev/New Occupation Location Contribution @dstevenwhite - New - Professor MA, USA Development - syllabus @andressilvaa Previous Prof./Consultant Chile eCRM, group mechanics @Kozinets - New - Professor/Auth Canada Syllabus - Netnography @ElaineYoung - New - Professor VT, USA Individual project @markwschaefer Previous Consultant/Auth TN, USA Engagement, blog mech. @ckburgess Previous MKTG Agency NJ, USA Student engagement @DelaneyKirk - New - Professor FL, USA Project help @LinHumphrey - New - Doc. Candidate TX, USA Location services, Mobile @PatrickStrother Previous Ad agency/Prof MN, USA B2B vs. B2C perspectives @EeeGeee Previous SMM, education MA, USA Great REFERRALS
  16. 16. BUT– only 6 months for syllabus Contributor Prev/New Occupation Location Contribution @chuckmartin1 Previous Consultant MA, USA Using SM in class, Mobile @michellegolden Previous Consultant/author MO, USA Professional uses, book @alansee Previous Consultant OH, USA Great readings @LinHumphrey - New - Doc. Candidate TX, USA Location services, Mobile @CraigEYaris - New - SM Agency NY, USA Book suggestions @aboyer - New - Professor, Entrep WA, USA SMM + startups @SandrinePromTep Previous Doc. Candidate Canada Engagement ideas @mikefixs Previous Consult/Prof NY, USA Success metrics @joebobhester Previous Professor/consult NC, USA Class mechanics @KentHuffman Previous Consultant/author TX, USA Readings
  17. 17. POSTING AN UPDATED SYLLABUS Prototyping As suggested by –Thomke, von Hippel for goods and services –Agile + Extreme development for software
  18. 18. ACCELERATED HELP!! More Input More participants Rapid and sustained changes
  19. 19. WHY DID THEY HELP? • “My focus is on education... as much as I can help important to me…” • “Because we are a learning community!” • “You are part of our PLN *personal learning network – author+ & we like to help!” • “I was invested and very interested in the topic - and got as much as I gave.”
  20. 20. TIPS FOR COMMUNITY SOURCING • When you seek ideas, feedback or help in your PLN community target experts, BUT also broadcast to the entire community. • Periodically remind the community of the project and thank community members by name for their help as it is received • Create Wiki- or flexible online display to demonstrate the work in progress, which will serve as a prototype. (Thomke and von Hippel 2002; Ries 2011)
  22. 22. Where to “house” an online community? • Forums [Marketing has ELMAR] • Facebook - Pages or Groups • LinkedIn - Groups • Google+ Circles [Hangouts are great!] • Twitter [using #hashtags for discussion] • Custom Networks or Wikis • Visual: YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram
  23. 23. TWO EXAMPLES • Teaching Social Media Marketing – LinkedIn group: Teaching Social Media Marketing • Interactions on site • Monthly Google+ Hangouts • Learning Social Media Marketing – FB Page: SMM4RU (Share readings) – FB Group: SMM4RU (Share and talk) • Current students and course alums
  24. 24. DEVELOPING YOUR ONLINE PLN • Step One: Bring “real” network online • Step Two: Build up the online network
  25. 25. FACEBOOK is for .. People you used to know (old friends, cousins) LinkedIn is for… People you know (Networks) Twitter is for… People you want to know
  26. 26. BUILDING a SM PLN: OUR MODEL Twitter • Search Blog • Twellow Facebook • Page LinkedIn • Group • Group
  28. 28. HOW TO BUILD A COMMUNITY 1. Follow top people in the field on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ 2. Create and contribute to an online community that will be a PLN or organizational resource TODAY. 3. Converse with community members regularly and help with their projects.
  29. 29. LAST EXERCISE • Decide “home base” for your PLN • Specify how to get members • Develop three activities for your “campaign” • Your objective (Life-long learning, etc)
  30. 30. THANK YOU! @ProfessorGary @LaurelSchirr Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,, AND…LinkedIn group: “PLN – Creating a Learning Network”