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The Internet Secrets Of Bond Halbert


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Article from Professional Word reveals internet and mainstream copywriting secrets of Gary Halbert via his son Bond Halbert. Interview by James Schramko with Bond Halbert is excellent example of interviewing for information. Links to Gary Habert Coywriting Archive.

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The Internet Secrets Of Bond Halbert

  1. 1. Professional Word Quality Content Connection Gary Halbert a copywriting great Secret copywriting tips from Bond Halbert Many marketers would like to master the secrets of a famous copywriter, the late Gary Halbert. The word Secret as in Secret copywriting tips - is a word that copywriters in the guru-mould just love to throw around. Whether you work in a main-stream business or the arts, I think you should pay attention below, to this interview and article combined. It is an instance of something rare - that will help all marketers. The latest Internet Marketing Speed newsletter from Australian Internet marketer James Schramko was in fact so remarkably good, that I felt that I must bring it to the notice of Arts and Non-profits marketers like you. It is a good fit for any market environment. It comes from a copywriting family who have covered all bases. It would be a shame to walk by - and miss out this excellent Schramko’s interview with a competent copywriter who is the son of a genuine giant in the field of marketing copywriting, the late Gary Halbert. It was a disarmingly personal, generous and revealing 30 minutes. I link you to the video shortly. What rang best for me was that Bond Halbert was so relaxed and open that he revealed many practical insights. Among many honest and obviously market-tested observations were: Good idea to just write first, whatever you feel might be useful to your readers about a topic, rather than hack and chip your way into it, worrying about how good it is. Don’t restrict yourself at that stage. Polish later. That could mean forgetting about key words and powerful headlines. Second, you have an advantage as a copy writer, if the topic is one that you have a passion about or that is specific to the excitement you feel about the daily achievement and work your prospective reader. Article’ original source: http.// 1 Töngesstrasse 8D 55129 Mainz GERMANY
  2. 2. Professional Word Quality Content Connection In the case of arts and non-profits marketers, I feel, you have an additional advantage: you don’t have to ginger-up enthusiasm in order to convince. Involvements, passion and commitment are your stock-in-trade. The interview itself demonstrates these clear, valuable tips about effective interviewing This was one incidental but unexpected bonus from a marketing newsletter, in this case Schramko’s: Their chat rolled along with remarkably few questions and almost no interruptions from the interviewer. (Dr Wilson of Internet Marketing Online is another of the few ‘professionals’ with similar restraint.) Arts and on-profits marketers often need to interview, in order to obtain evidence and endorsements of their offers and to elicit information from clients. Allowing an interviewee to extend his answers can sometimes prove alarming for you, but a short remark, even a phrase-only, keeps him on track most times. In this instance, Bond relaxed and was more revealing as he forgot about the camera and microphone. Rare These were both unusual events to happen with mainstream marketing ‘experts’ but they account for a deeply interesting and sometimes very personal recollections, all of which rang true. And isn’t that what you are trying to achieve in your copy writing? It certainly makes a connection with the reader and viewer. Hope you enjoy it and let James Schramko (or me) know what you feel. Watch the Schramko - Bond Halbert Interview STOP PRESS Additional Resources for marketers – Mainstream, Niche, Arts. Non-profits: 1. I have noticed that marketers in the Non-Profits and Arts industries were interested in another post that I published here several weeks ago. It’s about a Crisis in Messaging uncovered by a new survey of a large group of non-profits marketers. It can’t be seen listed in the right hand column at the moment. You can read it here 2. James Schramco’s lively and informative web site with a regular tips newsletter, articles and downloads is here: James Schramko’s web site 3. The source from which this article arises is The Gary Halbert Newsletter Archive Article’ original source: http.// 2 Töngesstrasse 8D 55129 Mainz GERMANY
  3. 3. Professional Word Quality Content Connection This presentation document is from “Arts & Business Merge” page at Article’ original source: http.// 3 Töngesstrasse 8D 55129 Mainz GERMANY