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Sunnyside Up: Wal-Mart & PayWithMe, Chirply, Foursquare & Tumblr add ad products

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Sunnyside Up

  1. 1. Sunnyside Up 4.26.27
  2. 2. pay with cash on / Pay with cash at 7 eleven • What’s new? Wal-Mart is letter shoppers purchase products through • How does it work? Shoppers order online, then come into a Wal-Mart store to pay in cash, and then Wal-Mart ships the order. • Why does it matter? Wal-Mart is making online shopper to the 25% of Wal-Mart shoppers are “unbanked,” meaning they lack the income or the access to bank accounts. The idea is to expand the ways that these customers can shop—meaning they now have access to Wal-Mart’s inventory, which can vary from store to store. • What’s new? PayWithMe is partnering with merchants to let shoppers buy online, but pay in cash at 7-11 retail locations. • How does it work? PayWithMe integrates into a retailer’s e- commerce platform. The shopper buys online and then transaction is put on hold. Meanwhile, the shopper either prints out the receipt or brings in a phone receipt, in order to pay with cash at 7-11. When the cash is received, the order is processed and the product is shipped. • Why does it matter? Depending on its success partnering with retail merchants, PayWithMe provides wider opportunity for the unbanked to shop online, opening up additional revenue streams for retailers. This is a plus for e-commerce only-sites or for businesses that are selling more volume per customer online. • Read More/Source: takes-cash-for-online-purchases/
  3. 3. chirpify (also) bringing payments to twitter Last week, we presented AirTweet, a way to pre-order at small businesses on Twitter. • How does it work? Shoppers sign up with Chirpify with their PayPal accounts and then Tweet in response to a specific offer “I want to buy X,” or “Doniate $20 to @Politician,” • Why does it matter? Some brands like PowerBar see it as a way to “monetize” their following, although many consumers may feel reluctant to do their regular shopping on Twitter. Chirpify may be better suited to brands/retailers that promote flash sales (Nike’s Shoe RSVP, Gilt Group, Groupon). • PandoDaily expands, “The idea is that e-commerce companies like eBay, Etsy and Kickstarter can integrate Chirpify into their sites as a way to easily extend their commerce offerings onto Twitter.” • Read More/Source: simp-ly-rebrands-as-chirpify-launches-new-twitter-commerce- platform-for-brands/
  4. 4. foursquare, tumblr to add advertising products • FOURSQUARE “The product will let merchants promote a deal to check in at a given area through its existing merchant platform, which allows businesses to claim their Foursquare listings. When users search for local specials, they can see offers via paid ads on Foursquare. Those ads will be targeted using the same algorithms that power “explore,” which recommends establishments based on a users’ past check-ins, as well as those of friends and the wider Foursquare user base.“ advertising-platform/234223/ • Implications: Now brands can actively message users with their branded check-in deals within the Foursquare platform, instead of promoting the deals in-store or in other channels. This means more exposure for the offers and potentially higher redemption rate. • TUMBLR: Tumblr announced that “advertisers will be able to buy ad units on the ‘Featured’ section [at right] of Tumblr’s dashboard, which gets approximately 120,000 impressions a day.” • Implications: Brands that may need a boost in exposure for their new Tumblr accounts (GE’s account, or Mountain Dew’s #DEWeezy account) can promote their page to prospective followers:
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