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Your Guide to Configuring Automated Candidate Search


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Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming a measurable disruption throughout the Staffing and Recruiting industry - affecting key metrics, like speed-to-fill. These "Matchbots" enhance your Sales and Recruiting team's performance by eliminating time-consuming tasks and bottlenecks in your workflow.

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Your Guide to Configuring Automated Candidate Search

  1. 1. Brands we work withConfiguring Your Automated Candidate Search Matchbots
  2. 2. By identifying parameters from which to identify qualified candidates, a recruiter can construct and optimize their Matchbots in preparation for future job orders. There are many different configuration settings you can use to control the bot. Step 1. Configuration
  3. 3. These parameters include: Proximity: searching within a defined distance of the Job Order or Worksite. For a Healthcare Locums or Travel Nurse type roles it may be more driven by where the person wants to work. Job Roles: 1Staff allows you to define the Job Roles or Positions the person is interested in (RN, Forklift Operator, DBA, etc.) and this can be used as a restriction. Number of Applicants: This can be a useful restriction for a few reasons, but one key reason is if you are automating a Dynamics 365 Workflow step from results of the bot. In this case we are restricting it to three candidates. With a workflow we could send an SMS message to each of the three matches to request a Yes or No reply as to if they are interested (or if they are 100% credentialed it could automatically put them on the assignment and send a confirmation). Run Methodology: Run on Create is the most common setting. There is also an option to run it after hours on a schedule. Ranking Method: Compliance is going to look at what compliance, credentialing, onboarding items the candidate has completed for this specific Job Order. 1Staff understands complex compliance matrices and if this person applies to two different facilities at the same customer possibly even in different states 1Staff understands the different compliance requirements for each job.
  4. 4. Step 2. Job Order Now with the configuration in place, a recruiter is able to allow these Matchbots to shortlist candidates once a job order is created. We’ll use a simple example a recruiter in the Locum Tenems industry might face when screening applicants for a compliance heavy opportunity.
  5. 5. In the image above, we’ve manually created a Job Order for an RN. These fields are all very flexible – with the ability to add new fields, make certain fields required, and adjust the layout without custom programing.
  6. 6. Once a job order is placed, the Matchbot is triggered to automatically scan and search for candidate that fit the parameters. In this case, RNs within x many miles (whatever the proximity setting is in the Job Order) of the worksite. It will then check the credentials and other onboarding requirements for the role including things like drug tests, online test results, background checks, electronic signatures, benefits enrollment, etc. Step 3. Automation
  7. 7. The Matchbots will then return the top three results based on the Maximum Number of candidate’s selection you configured in the Matchbots settings with candidate ranks or application percent completion.
  8. 8. Step 4. Workflow As your team begins to tackle more and more job orders, they can take advantage of the powerful Dynamics 365 Workflow engine to engage in a number of activities. The most effective users of our Matchbots are able to implement them into their current business workflows streamlining or eliminating all-together, time consuming bottlenecks.
  9. 9. Is someone 100% compliant?  If so, you could contact them to see if they wanted to accept the position or shift.  If not, you can identify what steps need to be completed to get your candidate up to standard Are they opted in for Text Messages?  If so, you can automate SMS/text messages to them to see if they wanted to accept the position or shift. Using their SMS reply, the system can automatically create a new assignment for them in 1Staff  If they prefer phone calls, you can create a task for the relevant recruiter to call them and use dashboards to monitor the volume of calls and who is completing them. Do you want to your team to consistently be the first to submit?  The Dynamics 365 platform could be used to create a sendout and attach relevant documents as required by the client for the submittal process.