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Hum2220 1500 film response 300


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Hum2220 1500 film response 300

  1. 1. GREEK & ROMAN HUMANITIES HUM2220 · Professor Will Adams · Office hours by appointment · Osceola Campus – Building 1, Room 109 Class Meeting: Wednesdays, 3:00 – 5:45 PM ‘300’ FILM RESPONSE • NAME: SCORE: /30 ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN AT LEAST ONE COMPLETE SENTENCE.   1. At what age were Spartan boys taken from the home for military training? 8. When the Persians threaten the Spartans saying that “[our arrows] will block out the sun”, how do the Spartans respond? 2. What is the Greek word for that military training? 9. Name one type of exotic animal employed by the Persian army. 3. When the Persian emissary arrives in Sparta, what two things does he ask for? 4. When the Persian emissary asks Queen Gorgo what right she has to address him as a man, what justification does she give him? 10. What is the name of the Persian godking against whom Leonidas fights? 11. Who narrates the story of the battle? 5. What are the ancient Spartan oracles called? 12. What is the name of the traitorous Spartan councilman who slandered the Spartan queen? 6. Do those oracles advise Leonidas to go to war? 13. What is the name of the Spartan who betrayed Leonidas and his troops? 7. What event do those oracles advise Leonidas not to be absent for? 14. Did the Spartans win the Battle of the Hot Gates? 15. What lesson can be learned?