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Applying for PedR Funding


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There are numerous opportunities to apply for funding for pedagogic research from organisations such as the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), amongst others, and there are often annual calls for small grant applications from HEA Subject Centres. This CELT Seminar will provide advice on how to keep abreast of funding calls and how to approach writing grant bids.

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Applying for PedR Funding

  1. 1. Applying for PedR Funding Professor Simon Haslett Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Canolfan dros Ragoriaeth mewn Dysgu ac Addysgu Email: Website:
  2. 2. Why seek funding?• Funding is not needed to undertake research, but it can help if you need to:1. Travel2. Attend Conferences3. Buy capital equipment4. Pay for data (e.g. student focus groups)5. Pay for teaching/administration relief6. Dissemination e.g. host seminars/workshops7. Need match funding or pump priming/seed corn8. Want to build capacity/collaboration9. Want to develop your academic career10. Want to help develop your department, institution, etc.
  3. 3. How to approach funding• You might seek funding to support a research project you have in mind.• You might come up with a project in response to a funding call.• It is good to create a list of potential projects that could be developed into a proposal should an appropriate funding call arise.• Spend a few minutes drawing up a list of potential research projects you could do ….
  4. 4. Internal Funding• Learning and Teaching Grants• Three calls per year for Regular grants: November, February, and May.• Anytime for Rapid Response Grants.• Up to £5,000 for Regular and £2000 for Rapid Response Grants.• RED also has its own round of support grants from time to time.
  5. 5. L&T Grants can be used to• develop innovative learning and teaching approaches;• support the implementation of new learning and teaching strategies;• evaluate current learning and teaching approaches;• develop innovative and supportive learning environments;• develop pedagogic research capacity;• develop collaborative pedagogic research partnerships;• provide pump-priming funding with a view to submitting an external grant application.• provide support funding for external grants (e.g. match funding, funding aspects of a project not covered by an external source, publication costs);• provide rapid response funding for time-limited pedagogic research opportunities.
  6. 6. Who to seek external funding from• Frequent PedR funders are:1. Higher Education Academy (HEA), central and subject centres.2. Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), sometimes also collaborative.• Sign up to funding alerts from:1. HEA (sign up on their website).2. ResearchResearch (contact RED).• Others as the need/calls arise e.g. British Council, Research Councils (ESRC, etc)
  7. 7. Who can help?• The Research and Enterprise Department (RED):• “ResearchResearch is being relaunched with a new look and feel in the next few weeks, so we will be re- publicising the service to coincide with the switch-over.• We provide costings and can help in the construction of applications, including advice on funders aims and objectives, and what makes a good proposal. We also encourage peer review of applications (and would probably seek CELT input as a reviewer for any such applications).• I usually meet with potential applicants to talk through the process and sources of funding, agree a rough timetable for completing the application, and arrange submission of the bid.”
  8. 8. More from RED ….• “For all research council bids RED must submit the proposal. It is expected that all applications to any funder will be signed off by RED before submission. This enables us to check their content, proof read etc, and constitutes Institutional support for the application.• If RED has not approved the submission, the application will not be recorded, and we may terminate or decline any subsequent award. Please emphasise this point, and the fact that we strongly encourage any potential applicants to contact us at an early stage to discuss their application.• We have a brief section on the Research Web Pages ( id=2359&type=PAG ) RED homepage-> Research -> Information for Staff -> Research Funding.”
  9. 9. Some examples of bids• Four pedagogic research grant proposals that I have been involved in are available:• HEA-ESD Mini-Grant Call 2008• HEA-GEES Small Project Funding Calls 2005 and 2008• JISC HEAT 3 Call 2008.• In groups, have a look at, and discuss, one or two of these, and ….
  10. 10. In groups, have a look at, anddiscuss, one or two of these, and ….1. Take note of the guidance/criteria given.2. How well do the applications address the guidance/criteria?3. Is there anything noteworthy in the proposals: negative or positive?4. Make a decision as to whether you think the project was ultimately funded, and think about reasons for your decision.5. Anything else …. ?