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Getting started with squidoo


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Getting started with squidoo

  2. 2. Go to:
  3. 3. Register/Join
  4. 4. Next, fill inAt Squidoo the requiredhome page, information. click the ‘Join for free’ button. Then, click ‘Join Now!’.
  5. 5. Starting a Lens
  6. 6. Once you are logged in, at your Squidoo home page, click the ‘Start a lens!’ button. You have to writeabout your lens and make it specific. Then, click ‘Continue’.
  7. 7. Next, insert your page title and other relatedinformation. Then, click ‘Continue’.
  8. 8. Insert tags forhelping people to find your lens within Squidoo. Click the‘Continue’ button.
  9. 9. Lastly,choose the option of the payment. Click the‘Continue’ button.
  10. 10. Here is the example of your lens preview
  11. 11. Dashboard
  12. 12. At the top left corner of yourSquidoo page, click ‘Dashboard’.
  13. 13. Statistic of Your Unlock items your Squidoo in your cumulative account Earn points Squidoo. growth. settings. Go to the when youLenses tab create lens. to view the list of your lenses. This is yourdashboardpage view.
  14. 14. Editing Lens
  15. 15. At your dashboardpage, go tothe ‘Lenses’ tab.Click ‘Edit’ at thelens you wish to edit.
  16. 16. Preview before you Click the publish your lens. ‘PUBLISH’ button to start publishing your lenses. Click ‘Edit Title’ to edit your lense title. Click ‘Edit’ to start writing and posting an interesting topic.