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Understanding Customer's Needs


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There are many ways to understand customer needs. All of them have their benefits and caveats. In his talk, Pedro Bastos dives into how UX labs and shadowing leverage this knowledge. He also shares his insights on how Product Managers can take qualitative interviews into action, highlighting their benefits and comparing them to other approaches.

About the speaker:
Pedro Bastos is a Product Manager at Talkdesk, the world's leading Cloud-based Contact Center Platform. Pedro joined Talkdesk 11 months ago, and he is currently responsible for the agent experience. Before that, he worked in consultancy, touching many industries (telco, payments, transportation, and others). Pedro also worked as a business partner at SONAE@BIT

//This talk was given by Pedro Bastos at the Productized Talks @ Premium Minds (29th November 2018)

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Understanding Customer's Needs

  1. 1. Understanding Customer’s Needs ...let’s generate value!!
  2. 2. Who am I Pedro Ribeiro Bastos Industries: Telco, Payments, Transportation, Retail Failed startup on my pocket Father of 2 Product Manager @Talkdesk for the Agent Experience “Free time” - Developing VR experiences
  3. 3. Agent Experience Product Manager @Talkdesk
  4. 4. In the next ~20’... Teaching Motivate
  5. 5. The customer Who they are What & How they use Why they use it
  6. 6. UX Labs
  7. 7. UX Labs 1. Discovery 2. How and why they use your product 3. Hands-on
  8. 8. UX Labs
  9. 9. UX Labs ● Customers LOVE IT ● Fairly know the product ● Hacking to reach a need ● You are biased! ● Delight discovery by reactions (or nor delight at all!) ● Remove product flaws
  10. 10. Shadowing 1. The fellow hacker! 2. The cautious
  11. 11. Thank You! @thEaGit