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Productized - Impact Report 2018


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Productized - Impact Report 2018

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Productized - Impact Report 2018

  1. 1. IMPACT REPORT 2018
  2. 2. Agenda CEO’s Message……………………………..3 Productized Directors & Team……………..4 MoU Signed with Altice Labs………………6 Sustaining the Future……………………….7 Trainings & Masterclass…………………..10 Consulting Services……………………….15 Acceleration and R&D…………………….17 Community Building……………………….19 Community: Productized Talks……...…...26 Social Impact……………………………....28 Roadmap for 2020………………………...31 Outreach of Productized………………….33 22
  3. 3. CEO’s Message The purpose of Productized is to help innovators create successful products. We started Productized in 2015 as non-profit and in 2018 we made the transition to a privately owned company. Our core believe is still the same, to make technology come to market, product ideas come to life with hands-on boot camps, service design workshops, prototyping weeks, and MVP sprints. Creating better products is not only about the products. We believe in the emergence of an exponential innovation product driven culture, around most advanced economies. Our clients are product managers, product designers, and product experts and innovators of all kinds. Productizers are professionals that thrive in a product driven culture of hyper competitive marketplaces, exceling with techniques from gamification and behavioral economics. We believe that product creativity pressure will lead to an environment of ever-fast pace innovation, where clients and employees want to feel part of the business, and where smart assistive tools will make our personal and professionals lives more meaningful. As China rises to the status of tech champion we will see the emergence of more aggressive tech wars between East and West, and that's why see an opportunity in the bridging between cultures. Product profession has come of age. PM’s will want to see the social and moral consequences of their jobs, they want to use gamification for good not just profit. We'll see a fundamental change on the job market where data-driven skills along with proficiency in the usage of prototyping and product optimization AI powered tools allow for new and smarter products, allowing us to be better versions of ourselves. We believe we will see more opportunities such as micro-businesses (and a stronger focus on passive income), AI generated businesses, cross cultural business management, gamification experts, more proactive smart devices, and education opportunities for data science and management, and empathic design because at the end, we’re still humans after all. This impact report is a showcase of our activities in 2018, and how we see the future. Product is a very active and growing arena where the best players will start to stratify in the next years, so 2019 is a crucial year to set the pace for the next decade. André Marquet, 11 Jan 2019 33
  4. 4. Productized Directors André Marquet CEO Hugo Garcia Consultant Altino Alvares Consultant Rafael Daron Consultant Mariana Garcia Operations 44
  5. 5. Productized Team 2018 André Marquet CEO Hugo Garcia Consultant Gabriela Amaral Operations Diogo Oliveira Marketing João Portalegre Design Kevin Ripzaad Sales Mariana Garcia Operations (maternity leave) Katsiaryna Drozhzha Marketing Roxana Crihana Marketing Adriana Marques Consultant João Gomes Intern Rodrigo Vicente Intern Lucas Trindade Assistant Rafael Daron Consultant 55
  6. 6. MoU Signed with Altice Labs GOLD SPONSOR “Altice Labs is a pioneer in the tech scene in Portugal with over 60 years experience. This MoU is very important for Productized because it allow us to deepen our relationship and leverage multiple productization opportunities in the telecom, IoT and next generation 5G networks” -André Marquet 66
  7. 7. Sustaining the Future 77
  8. 8. Sustainability of Productized 1) Good Health and well-being The company gives all employees the availability of their daily basis of fruits and vegetables. During their events the company also provides for their employees and clients only healthy consumptions. For the main event of the year the company had their catering done by a company specialised in sustainable catering options. 2) Quality Education The core of the company is providing tertiary education focused in Product Management, by workshops, trainings and conferences for attendees across the world. The mission of the company Is to increase the knowledge of high educated employees and improve these product management departments of those companies. (Productized, 2019) Our company is active in sustainability according to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, created by the United Nations; which should be achieved in 2030 on a global scale. The following highlighted subjects are applicable for the company in 2018-2019. Productized is active in sustainability and finds this also important in our business culture. 3) Gender Equality The company treats men and women equal. There is no unequal atmosphere in the workplace. The opportunities to be hired, growth opportunities and interactions are the same for both sexes. Both female and male speakers are invited for the congresses and events. The company mainly looks at capacity and ability of employee and gender is an unimportant factor. 4) Clean water and Sanitation The company has sanitary facilities, a kitchen and a toilet on each floor. There are sinks with hot and cold water in those rooms. The company has placed two reservoirs on each floor as a solution. These reservoirs are connected to the tap water and that water is purified in the reservoirs. 88
  9. 9. Sustainability of Productized 5) Decent work and Economic growth The company stimulates the future by giving the accessibility for students to have their internship at the company. They stimulate the local economy by receiving foreign investment and having local costs, which leads to a positive consequence for the Portuguese economy. The maximum amount of hours an employee has to work is 8 with an exception of the days of the conference, which each employee receives compensation. 6) Reduce Inequality 5 simple rules have been drawn up and apply to everyone in the company. Everyone must adhere and no difference is made in the team. Rules are for everyone the same. Different nationalities are working in the team and interns are from all over the world. Everyone is treating each other with respect and everyone is a part of the team. 7) Climate Action Sustainable items are important in the daily life. Materials that are used during events or at the office, such as plates and cups, are recyclable. Waste is also well separated at the office and in containers. The company separates their waste on: plastic, food, paper and cardboard. 99
  10. 10. Trainings & Masterclass 1010
  11. 11. Islamic FinTech Bootcamp (IE Campus) February 6th & 9th 2018 André Marquet & Hugo Garcia ‘’FinTech that is Sharia compliant (Islamic finance) is an important development aspect for countries with significant Islamic populations and with the potential to impact the lives of over 1B people.’’ +10 Attendees 5 Full-Day Bootcamp Under the aegis of the Arab Development Bank and IE. 1111
  12. 12. Masterclass Jobs to be Done (ENTER) February 1st 2018 Rene Bastijans & Andrej Balaz ‘’Uncover what progress customers are trying to make in their lives — what jobs they are trying to get done — and become better at creating products and services that people want to buy.’’ +50 Attendees Full-Day masterclass 1212
  13. 13. Masterclass Product Management Fundamentals (ENTER) ‘’On May 24th we kicked off the first training of Productized Academy together with Daniel Zacarias and his top course on 'Product Management Fundamentals.'’ +35 Attendees Full-Day masterclass May 24th 2018 Daniel Zacarias 1313
  14. 14. E-Learning: Productized Academy In 2018 we launched our first online course on platform, with guest trainer Daniel Zacarias. Product Management Fundamentals is a combination of lectures on best practices, exercises, and group discussions. The goal is to give you tools that help you: ● Balance multiple, competing priorities ● Organize your roadmap and backlog ● Reduce the time spent on writing specs ● Collaborate and create alignment with stakeholders ● Communicate your goals and progress with the rest of the company GO TO COURSE 1414
  15. 15. Consulting Services 1515
  16. 16. Consulting @ ADENE Our team, formed by Hugo Garcia and Altino Álvares delivered a workshop on "Futures Thinking: hydric efficiency in 2030." September 25th 2018 Hugo Garcia, Rafael Daron, Altino Alvares +20 Attendees 1 Full-Day masterclass 5 Full-Days sprint Focused on: ● Futures Thinking ● Design Sprint ● Research ● Stakeholders Interviews ● Solution Analysis 1616
  17. 17. Acceleration and R&D 1717
  18. 18. RD Grants - H2020: HiReach 1818
  19. 19. Community Building 1919
  20. 20. Productized Conference of 2018 Productized is a 2-day event focused on professional training with workshops on subjects like Product Thinking, Product Management, Product Design and Product Experience. The first day of the conference is about the stories behind products from experienced ‘Product People’. 2020
  21. 21. 16 Speakers @ Productized 18 Melissa Perri Tanya Aulachynskaya Joyce Yan Amber Van Heck Amjad Sidqi Michael Rutledge Marty Cagan Discussion Panel Edik Mitelman & Mayaan Gottlieb Aislinn Treacy Crystal C. Yan Justin Bauer Lauren Vegter Girls Who Product Jon Noronha Jeff Gothelf
  22. 22. PRODUCTIZED ’18 ATTENDANCE ALL HIGH RECORD: 2015 - 2018 Average of 12% YOY Growth 411 Relevant players: 2222
  23. 23. 60% INTERNATIONAL ATTENDEES 2018 2323
  24. 24. ATTENDEES FROM 2424
  25. 25. Workshops Quality 9/10 ‘’I've been to some conferences out there and I usually search for conferences that are product related, and this is one of the most relevant on this topic. Nearly all talks seem relevant to me, very relevant speakers, and the workshops days are also very beneficial to learn and network.’’ ‘’Because it is small enough to get in touch with a lot of people and still big enough that great product leaders attend as speakers.’’ ‘’Productized is a well organised, and incredibly valuable conference with world class workshops and speakers. Highly recommended.’’ Event Satisfaction 8/10 Attend event in the future 82% Hannah Smith 🇺🇸 Marketing Associate at MicroSurgical Technology Simon Hales 🇬🇧 SAP Project Manager at GSK Róbert Broniševský 🇨🇿 Product Manager at MSD 8 in 10 Attendees say “I’LL BE BACK” Source: Feedback form. +100 valid answers. Confidence level: >95%. 2525
  26. 26. +300 Attendees 10 Hours of Training & Networking 10 Speakers with +15 years of Product Management experience Hosting Partners 2626
  27. 27. Social Impact 2727
  28. 28. Social Impact Activities “The #GirlsWhoProduct is a series of 10 interviews with women that have been able to beat the ‘product’ ceiling and get into the profession. Our mission is to inspire, connect and empower more women to get into product roles and help them consider ‘product’ as a venue of personal and professional growth.” Other social impact building activities included: ● Landing Festival Lisbon (ideation workshop) ● Mentoring at IST TechStorm ● Startup Safari in leading eco-systems (Netherlands, Israel) 2828
  29. 29. Acceleration & Hackathons TEC/STORM MARCH 2018 SW LISBON MAY 2018 2929
  30. 30. Roadmap 2020 3030
  32. 32. Roadmap 2020 Productized Conference Expansion TORONTO 🇨🇦 LISBON 🇵🇹 MACAU/ HK 🇲🇴 NOVEMBER 2019 2020 2021 3232
  33. 33. +13K People Community Tracks: 47 Followers: 675Followers: 961 Followers: 3.932 Followers: 1.927 Followers: 1.936 Subscriptions: 1.211 Followers: 780 Pictures: 11K Productizers: 1.947 upcoming 3333