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Product Innovation in a Hypergrowth Era


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The lifespan of tech companies has been continuously decreasing in the last decades. That comes with the emergence of new hypergrowth technologies. To thrive on this trend, discovering the next game-changing products is a critical imperative. This will be the topic of Paulo Dimas’ talk. In his talk, Paulo will present a product innovation framework. Unbabel has been applying and improving it over time on its mission to build the world’s translation layer.

About the speaker:
Paulo Dimas is the VP of Product Innovation at Unbabel. His work leverages a global community of human translators empowered with Artificial Intelligence. After joining INESC at 16 to do research on interactive systems, Paulo co-founded JUNITEC at Instituto Superior Técnico, and 2 startups. Paulo has created patents in geo-location technology. He also developed award-winning projects for major companies in the media and telecom industries.

//This talk was given by Paulo Dimas at the Productized Talks @ Talkdesk (Feb. 2019)

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