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Featureless Innovation in Product


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Product Innovation immediately moves us to new products or new features. Semantics, and we, Product Managers, just love it! But have you thought of doing Product Innovation by writing off features? And what about innovating on your Product's target market or business model? On his talk, António Veloso will be sharing his experience on these other types of product innovation. With that glimpse, new innovative ideas might sparkle for your own products.

About the speaker:
António Veloso is a Senior Product Manager at Talkdesk, the world's leading Cloud-based Contact Center Platform. António joined Talkdesk 10 months ago, and he is currently responsible for routing and unified communications. He previously worked as Head of Product Management at MEO and Product Marketing at Oi in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. During that time, he worked in B2B markets.

//This talk was given by António Veloso at the Productized Talks @ Talkdesk (Feb. 2019)

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Featureless Innovation in Product

  1. 1. Product Innovation
  2. 2. Someone said Product Innovation?!
  3. 3. In the factory we have, that should better fit our product and customers: ● Waterfall ● Agile (Scrum or Kanban) ● With Project Management or let’s call it Program Management…. And let’s go build it!And let’s go build it! And ship it...
  4. 4. Isn’t it awesome?! Let’s check success... We choose the best KPI’s to do it: ● How many customers adopt? ● How much they use it? ● How regularly? ● How did CSAT change? ● Some customer sessions for feedback...
  5. 5. Aren’t we missing something? It’s all About the Money We know that... It might be that we actually identified Business Value for our features, and we even track how successful we are on monetizing it after we ship it to our customers... Did we think about... What is the best target market? How do we price it? Do they really need all this stuff?
  6. 6. Featureless Innovation in Product
  7. 7. Featureless Innovation in Product This is (still) Product Innovation! And more... These are major skills for a Product Manager that we have not been giving enough attention, while using our Product Owner “Hat” and dedicating less time to the market, beyond our customers.
  8. 8. ● What is the market we are targeting? What’s our share? ● How many players are there in the market? ● Would there be another market for the same product? ● Is current pricing model the best approach to the market? ● Is someone else doing differently, how successfully? ● What’s the effort to change? Process? Billing? Featureless Innovation in Product Market Innovation Pricing Innovation Advantages? We can do this in parallel to Feature delivery.
  9. 9. Market Innovation Featureless Innovation in Product
  10. 10. Market Innovation - Customers ● The SMB market seemed to have the best fit for these innovative products. ● Meeting customers as sales engineering for these products, cause they were complex. Great feedback opportunity! ● I was hearing recurrently on how these would help a lot receptionists, assistants and other collaborators focused on interacting a lot with external and internal people on various channels.
  11. 11. Market Innovation - Product and Market ● It would be great if we could just sell Contact Center to this market, but they just do not have enough $$$! NO PLAYERS IN THE MARKET (ALMOST) ● Actually: ○ Enterprise market is so full of players looking for their market share. ○ High rate of feature push to the market for differentiation. ○ High investment in R&D (High Costs).
  12. 12. Market Innovation - How to? ● Same product, not multi-tenant, no new features. ● Pricing was adapted for market, cause we would sell this boxes in “slices”. ● We would manage all Admin configurations. ● We were winning a lot of deals, just by changing the market. The issue was keeping up the growth. This was back in 2006. Side Note: TalkDesk would start in 2011 with Tiago Paiva and Team doing the same market innovation, but also with product and tech innovation, targeting global market.
  13. 13. And, as always, sometimes you fail, In others... Market Innovation Recurrently evaluate if you are targeting the best market and if there are other good potential markets with similar needs that your product could match.
  14. 14. Pricing Innovation Featureless Innovation in Product
  15. 15. Pricing Innovation - We do it all! And what is the vendor(s) you prefer? Look, you can choose from this list...
  16. 16. Pricing Innovation - Customers ● This is a commodity, necessary for my business. I cannot invest time on this - I need to focus on my business! ● Just tell me, $$$ per month?! ● What if I open another office? ● And if I have a new employee joining in? PRICE PER OFFICE (by size) PRICE PER USER (by type)
  17. 17. Pricing Innovation - How to act fast? Price per Site Price per User Up to 10 Fixed Up to 50 Mobile Up to 200 Fixed and Mobile Looks natural for Cloud or SW, but remember all the Infra which is not user or even site oriented? TO TEST MARKET Excel Configurator to translate, provisioning, setup and billing with no changes.
  18. 18. Wrapping-Up ● There are more ways to do Product Innovation besides developing new features. ● As Product Managers, we should develop the right skills to work on these alternative and complementary methods to innovate our products. ● We should not allow our Product Owner role to narrow our focus to developing incrementally our products. THANK YOU ALL!