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Design and Engineering Products for Mass Production


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The product space is changing at a fast pace. Thus, we must be ready to keep up with it, mitigating the risks inherent to all stages of this process. That requires working on strategy, the process and team involvement. Design, engineering, production, and market have to walk together through the development stages. Only that way successful products can happen.

About the speaker:
Agostinho Carvalho is the founder and master leader for Technology R&D at WeADD, a product specialized consulting company. He has worked for more than 15 years on developing new products. He has built intelligent solutions for sectors like health, sports, coffee, and internet of things. Agostinho previously founded Diverge - which later became Grupo Nabeiro Innovation Centre.

/This talk was given by Agostinho Carvalho at the Productized Talks @ Hardware Edition (21st March 2019)
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