Preplanning IAW


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Part 1 of FOSIS's "How to run a successful Islamic Awareness Week?" course. The content was designed and delivered by

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Preplanning IAW

  1. 1. FOSIS IAW Training Pre-planning
  2. 2. “Have good intention and work hard” - Shaykh bin Bayya
  3. 3. Theme, Aim & Objectives +BONUS SECTION: Creative Thinking! Structure/Format Talks - Exhibitions The IAW Proposal
  4. 4. Theme What’s the theme (story) of your IAW? General but Focus Appeals to Non-Muslims/Muslim Examples: Allah Quran Muhammad Islamic History
  5. 5. Aim Vision General Statement of Intent/Purpose/Vision Example: X University Islamic Society aims to raise awareness of Islam within and outside X University through exploring the history, character and legacy of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).
  6. 6. Objectives Objectives need to be SMART S = Specific M = Measurable A = Achievable R = Realistic T = Time bound Should cover Internal/External Objectives
  7. 7. Choosing an IAW Title Helps in Marketing & Slogan Be Creative! Think Marketing! Appeal to all Avoid Cliches Examples: The Quran: Explored
  8. 8. Bonus Section: Creative Thinking
  9. 9. Pre-requisites of Creativity Definition of Creativity Imaginative processes with outcomes that are original and of value Think like a child Don’t be afraid to be wrong Have courage Think in new ways Employ tools/techniques to help you
  10. 10. Brainstorm Brainstorm with EVERYBODY! Play the “peanut-butter” game Get a flipchart/Pen Everyone shout out ideas Any idea = good idea even peanut butter!!
  11. 11. Mind-map Explore other fields Looks at things holistically and parts link and combine ideas
  12. 12. Get a sketchbook! Idea Journal Big Sketchbook Small Pocket Idea notebook
  13. 13. Structure/ Format
  14. 14. Formats: Evening Talks Exhibitions Quran Recitals Dawah Marquee LunchTime Stories
  15. 15. Exhibitions Relaxed Dawah atmosphere Museum Style Good for One-on-One Dawah Easy to run once setup Great PR for ISOC One main hall vs. Small exhibitions Content Linked to the theme Professional vs. In-House
  16. 16. Talks Evening vs. Lunchtime Verify Speaker Quality Set topic Same venue each time Arrange technology Other Important notes: Have a contract with the Speaker Remind/Confirm a week before/day before Arrange transport for them
  17. 17. Dawah Marquees Attention-grabber! Hard to miss. Great for One-on-One Dawah Include variety of stalls to attract maximum audience: Literature, Audio/Visual, Henna Stall for sisters, Arabic Calligraphy Issues to consider: Manning the stalls, Overnight Security, weather!
  18. 18. Lunchtime Stories Under the umbrella of “Multifaith chaplaincy” Stories of the Prophets Stories of the Hereafter Stories of the Quran Provide FREE Lunch! Newcastle ISOC: Valentine Day Special “Speed date with Religion”
  19. 19. The IAW Proposal
  20. 20. The IAW Proposal Great PR move for any Aims & Objectives ISOC. Format Logistics Universities & SU love it! Health and Safety Must be brief BUT Professional Format Who are you? Background on ISOC Theme
  21. 21. Bibliography Creativity: - thinking.htm - Ken Robinson: Learning to Be Creative Exhibition Islam: