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Webinar : Relevant UX research Methodologies


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Product Innovation Academy take great pleasure in inviting you to the monthly webinar series. Our theme for this webinar will be about
"Relevant UX research Methodologies"
Sanmitra has work experience of over 10 years in Design Management, Marketing and User Experience-Insights research, Graphics design, Visual Merchandising, Communication design, and Design strategy and User Interface Design. She is a trained Z-MET (Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique) Interviewer and Analyser. Expert in converting insights to tangible actions i.e Design brief.
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Webinar : Relevant UX research Methodologies

  1. 1. Relevant UX Research Methodologies Sanmitra Chitte (Patke)
  2. 2. • User Research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies. What is UX research ? Illustration by Maurice Sendak for The Big Green Book by Robert Graves
  3. 3. So many Research methodologies available, which one do I pick ?
  4. 4. Ethnographic Field Studies Participatory Design Focus Groups Interviews Eye-tracking Usability Benchmarking Moderated Remote Usability Studies Unmoderated Remote Panel Studies Concept testing Diary/Camera Studies Desirability Studies A/B Testing True-Intent Studies Intercept Surveys ZMET
  5. 5. Ethnographic field Studies Going Native !
  6. 6. Participatory Design Participatory design workshop = Frequent interaction with users
  7. 7. Example & Relevance
  8. 8. Focus Groups
  9. 9. Example & Relevance
  10. 10. Interviews
  11. 11. Example & Relevance
  12. 12. Eye Tracking
  13. 13. Example and Relevance
  14. 14. Usability Benchmarking
  15. 15. Moderated remote Usability studies
  16. 16. Unmoderated Remote Panel Testing
  17. 17. Concept testing
  18. 18. Diary / Camera Studies
  19. 19. Desirability Studies
  20. 20. A/B Testing
  21. 21. True Intent Studies
  22. 22. ZMET – Zaltman’s Metaphor Elicitation Technique
  23. 23. Thank you !