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Webinar How to grow organically globally


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“Hacking” is overrated. Growth cannot be hacked. It is a continuous effort of data backed experimentation. Referal program may sound like a growth hack but it needs so much science behind it to work. Making small tweaks in Apps around placement of buttons, oboarding, pushes, home screen personalization can give you slight boost but eventually it is under the hood product level features which results in growth. Marketing is not equal to growth. Marketing is mostly customer acquisition & re-acquisition, but growth is much deeper – objective of growth is to get your users to come back often, give preference to your product over others, spend more time & talk about it among friends. In nutshell, you have to try smaller “hacks”, do deep product level growth plugs & do data driven marketing to drive growth. All has to work together.
In this webinar, you would learn:
How to prepare your App launch. Checklist for a successful launch
How to drive organic downloads
What to measure - Right Metrics
Which tools to use
How to drive App engagement & retention
About the Speaker

Deepak Abbot
Product | Growth | Analytics

Head - Mobile Growth | Times Internet
Head of Product Marketing | Paytm
Chief Product Officer | Reliance Entertainment - Digital
General Manager - Product |
Senior Consultant - User Experience | Satyam Computers

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Webinar How to grow organically globally

  1. 1. WEBINAR How to grow organically globally
  2. 2. Growth Hacking is Overrated It’s common sense backed by data multiplied by attention to detailing By Deepak Abbot (Twitter: @deepakabbot) Learn Mobile Growth at
  3. 3. Mobile App Ecosystem Android Apps 2.2 mn iOS Apps 2 mn Apps Downloaded May 2016 15 bn India downloaded 870mn Apps Smartphone Users : 250mn Connected Users: 180mn 3G Users: 100mn 60 mn Meaningfully Connected India Internet Base
  4. 4. & the Future looks like this for India… 300 400 520 Yr 2016 Yr 2017 Yr 2018 15 25 40 Yr 2016 Yr 2017 Yr 2018 90 150 220 Yr 2016 Yr 2017 Yr 2018
  5. 5. GET READY FOR THE EXPONENTIAL GROWTH Can we hack growth?
  6. 6. • Common Sense • Attention to Detailing • Data Driven Decisions • Quick Iterations & Experimentation • Out of the box thinking • User Experience Growth Hacking has No Magical Wand. It’s a combination of:
  7. 7. Never Relax Build iterate hack hack build hack iterate hack hack build build iterate Attribution Tracking App Distribution ASO Referrals In-App Engagement Social Plugins Notifications Advertising IAP Commerce Analytics User Behavior Multi Channel Customer Service Remarketing
  9. 9. Driving Acquisition
  11. 11. Acquisition = Survival Retention = Winning 80% users are lost on Day 1 Act right in first 24-48 hours to WIN
  12. 12. How to Engage/Retain?
  13. 13. Don't like the App, 23% I don't use it much, 12% Doesn't work/Bugs, 7%Competitor's App is better, 4% Push Notifications, 4% Forgot to use, 9% Space on phone, 12% App is slow, 10% Consumes lot of data, 10% Consumes lot of battery, 9% Why Users Uninstall 37540 respondents across 4 apps in News, Sports, Media & Commerce category
  14. 14. MONETIZE
  15. 15. Monetization -- > Growth++ Case Study: smartapp iOS We made $50,000 in 2 months without spending a dime
  16. 16. Monetization -- > Growth++ Case Study: smartapp iOS 1. No.1 on Producthunt at Launch 2. Featured by Apple at launch 3. I8N & L8N compliant 4. Price Tweaks every fortnight 5. Gone FREE for a week 6. App Reviews 7. App that just works 8. Extremely low on resources
  17. 17. ANALYZE
  18. 18. Don’t lie to yourself – Analyze what’s right
  19. 19. Measure the Right Metrics eCPI, CAC, True LTV, Retention, True MAU/DAU Download Calculator -
  20. 20. THANK YOU