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Consumer level 3D printing and product safety

  1. Consumer level 3D printing – what does it mean for product safety? Promoting consumer product safety in Australia and beyond . . .
  2. The democratisation of manufacturing © Product Safety Solutions 2
  3. © Product Safety Solutions 3 Anyone can design a product – but do they have product safety training?
  4. Making products safe requires research and knowhow © Product Safety Solutions 4
  5. © Product Safety Solutions 5 . . . unwittingly, or otherwise
  6. Creativity of 3D design and materials has many positives, but … © Product Safety Solutions 6
  7. Is it the right material for the job? © Product Safety Solutions 7
  8. No formal testing, so . . . How’s the quality? Is it safe? © Product Safety Solutions 8
  9. Spare part designs are increasingly available, but could you be . . . © Product Safety Solutions 9
  10. Designs can be varied . . . and unsafe accessories made and fitted © Product Safety Solutions 10
  11. White paper All these issues are discussed in a white paper - available free on the Product Safety Solutions website, along with a range of other materials on 3D printing
  12. Everyone needs to contribute to addressing the issues Please see the white paper’s recommendations and think about what you can do – now and into the future © Product Safety Solutions 12
  13. © Product Safety Solutions 13 You’re invited to share . . . Please share this slideshow, and any of our other resources on 3D printing and consumer product safety Thanks Gail Greatorex Director, Product Safety Solutions Melbourne, Australia

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