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3D printing and product safety


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The impact of 3D printing on consumer product safety
Gail Greatorex, Product Safety Solutions
Melbourne, Australia
ICPHSO symposium, Orlando, USA 2015

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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3D printing and product safety

  1. 1. Interactive session Building Product Safety into 3D Printing from Design and Beyond ICPHSO symposium Orlando, USA 2015
  2. 2. THE IMPACT OF 3D PRINTING ON CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY Gail Greatorex Product Safety Solutions Melbourne, Australia ICPHSO symposium, Orlando, USA 2015
  3. 3. Somewhere in the USA A group of friends are about to start dabbling in 3D printing
  4. 4. One of the friends . . . Kurt Kurt acquires a consumer level 3D printer He’s excited to explore what he can make with this new device
  5. 5. Kurt’s friend, Elly Elly has always felt she had untapped creative talent She downloads some 3D print software and starts designing some household products
  6. 6. Kurt and Elly’s friend, Simon . . . Simon knows somebody who is importing 3D printing filament Simon supplies Kurt with these raw materials for a good price
  7. 7. Elly has a friend who’s having a baby . . . Elly has been invited to the baby shower. She wants to give a teething ring as a gift, but that seems a bit plain . . . So she designs a teething ring with some extra little animal shapes around it
  8. 8. Kurt makes a teething ring 3D printed from Elly’s design Elly’s friend loves the teething ring
  9. 9. Demand for the new design Elly and Kurt start printing more to sell online
  10. 10. Kurt gets excited . . . Now Kurt thinks there might be some money in making toys He finds toy designs online at
  11. 11. . . . and over-excited Kurt tries to speed up the printing process by turning up the heat in his apartment He doesn’t read the designer’s instructions about the temperature needed to cure the finished product
  12. 12. Products no longer available – re-created Kurt was reminiscing about his high school days and remembers some fun he had with his friends playing with lawn darts He looks online for a design for lawn darts he can use He finds a design and tries printing them
  13. 13. Kurt gets thirsty Kurt pops into his friend Dave’s apartment to use his blender But he breaks the blender blade! Now he needs to find a replacement
  14. 14. Dave’s blender Kurt discovers that part is no longer available, but he finds the design for a very similar part on a website He prints a new blade and fits it to the blender before Dave even knew it was broken Phew!
  15. 15. Dave’s blender The next morning, Dave is making breakfast for his new girlfriend. . . but breakfast goes horribly wrong when she finds some strange pieces of plastic in her juice glass
  16. 16. A new and thriving business Kurt’s Kreations Inc is off and running, selling:  Kurt’s Krazy Kars™ toys  Elly’s Ezi-teethe™ teething rings, and  Lawn darts
  17. 17. 3D Printing and Product Safety What does this story from Somewhere, USA tell us? What are the issues for consumer product safety?
  18. 18. 3D Printing and Product Safety Anyone can buy a 3D printer Anyone can access designs online . . . and vary them to suit their needs And supply them to others
  19. 19. 3D Printing and Product Safety Novice and untrained designers! Novice and untrained producers!
  20. 20. 3D Printing and Product Safety Raw materials – Quality? Consistency? Product output – Quality? Consistency? Opportunities for checks and balances? 
  21. 21. 3D Printing and Product Safety Making and supplying banned products! Incorrect replacement parts!
  22. 22. 3D Printing and Product Safety And these are not the only issues that 3D printing means for the future of consumer product safety There are many more . . .
  23. 23. 3D Printing and Product Safety Now for the conversation Interactive survey Interactive discussion