Max Burton 6200 : An Honest Review


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This is an honest Max Burton 6200 review. See if the 6200 Deluxe, a 1800 watts model induction cooktop by Max Burton passes my test, or not.

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Max Burton 6200 : An Honest Review

  1. 1. Max Burton 6000 ReviewThis is my honest Max Burton 6200 induction cooktop modelreview. I will give you all the pros and the cons of this cooktop unit.Stick to the end of this presentation. I hope that I will make yourbuying decision easier. Don’t worry, this is not a scammy review justto get money out of you. Simply click next and start reading thereview. We’ll start off with some of its features.
  2. 2. Max Burton 6200 FeaturesFEATURES:- The power of this unit is 1800 watts. You get 10 power levels, andit is very adjustable. Also, I like the fact that you get an auto shut-offfeature, with a 180 minute timer.- You wont have to worry about the heat level, since there is a neatoverheat sensor over on the display panel.
  3. 3. Max Burton 6200 FeaturesFEATURES:- There is also a very neat feature: unsuitable cookware detector.- Max Burton 6200 Size: 13-12-2 and 3/5 inches.
  4. 4. Max Burton 6200 Pros:PROS:- I like the 6000 model a lot, but the 6200 model is better because itis made of stainless steel skin, which is more durable than the blackplastic (model 6000).- Consumers report that its still working after 1 year without anyproblems.
  5. 5. Max Burton 6200 Pros:PROS:- It is great for boiling water. You need far less heat to put pressureon some cookware than you would need with electric or gascooktops. Also performs other routine tasks very fast.- The heat is instantly off when you shut the unit down. This makescanning effortless. The cleanup is very easy and fast.
  6. 6. Max Burton 6200 Pros:PROS:- It doesnt produce much noise. The opinion about this is split, butfrom my experience, this unit is very quiet.- A nice spread of 10 temperature levels, so you can cook on verylow temps, as well as high ones without any noticeable difference.It doesnt produce heat around the house at all..
  7. 7. Max Burton 6200 Pros:PROS:- As long as you have the proper pans and pots, it will performmarvelously.- Max Burton 6200 cooks one pot of soup in half of the regular time(by some other methods of cooking). As an example, a chicken soup(with an entire chicken) takes around 2 hours to make.
  8. 8. Max Burton 6200 Cons:CONS:- The heat is concentrated around the first 4 inches from the centerof the pan.- It needs to be on its own electrical circuit if your house is notwired properly.
  9. 9. Max Burton 6200 Cons:CONS:- As with any cooktop unit, you will lose some countertop space inyour kitchen. You can try putting it on your stovetop burner. Just anidea.- Not that good for omlettes and pancakes, since the heat is verylocalized.
  10. 10. Max Burton 6200 Cons:CONS:- Not every stainless steel cookware is suitable for it.
  11. 11. Max Burton 6200 Review ConclusionThis is a very solid cooktop with very few cons. If you want a reliableinduction cooktop solution for a very low price, you shoulddefinitely go with Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800 watts cooktop.If this review has helped you, I’d be very grateful if you bought thisunit through my link. I will get a small commission for it, and itwon’t cost you anything extra. Thank you!