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Tying Roadmap Strategy to Agile Planning


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This webinar from ProductPlan will help you learn how to connect your long term strategic plan with your agile backlog. Too many product managers focus on their backlog and miss the big picture. In our upcoming webinar, we'll show you:
- Three ways to develop your strategic roadmap
- The relation between roadmap prioritization and backlog ordering
- Different techniques on how to best order your backlog
Featured Speaker: Jim Semick, ProductPlan Founder

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Tying Roadmap Strategy to Agile Planning

  1. 1. Tying Roadmap Strategy to Agile Planning
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Andre Theus Director of Marketing Jim Semick Founder / Chief Strategist MODERATORPRESENTER
  3. 3. Themes 1. What level of detail? 2. Metrics for prioritization 3. Planning Timelines & Methods 4. Communication / Transparency 5. Tools
  4. 4. Poll 1: Who is joining us today?
  5. 5. Overview
  6. 6. Strategy vs. Execution THE ROADMAP THE BACKLOG Think big initiatives, themes or epics Think tasks or “stories”
  7. 7. Strategy vs. Execution The Roadmap The Backlog Big Picture Detailed Longer term horizon Shorter term horizon No dates / rough dates Often has dates Communication focus Execution focus Prioritize less often Prioritize frequently High-level estimates Granular estimates Communication Tools: ProductPlan, PowerPoint Project Mgmt. Tools: JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Spreadsheets
  8. 8. It’s All About Strategy Roadmap Prioritization Backlog Prioritization Specifics not known yet Details typically known Based on strategic goals Dev order not yet known Prioritization based on many factors: • E.g. customer value, competitive differentiation, development effort, support cost, risk, business goals, stakeholder needs Prioritization based on fewer factors: • E.g. customer value, story points, available resources
  9. 9. Poll 2: What roadmap prioritization challenges do you have?
  10. 10. Strategies for Prioritizing Your Roadmap
  11. 11. Weigh business value against complexity to implement. Value vs. Effort Model
  12. 12. Score initiatives based on value versus cost. Weighted Scoring
  13. 13. Prioritize customer delight versus type of feature. Kano Model
  14. 14. Poll 3: What agile methods do you practice?
  15. 15. Executing Your Roadmap: Prioritizing Your Agile Backlog (whether you are Scrum, Kanban, XP, or whatever)
  16. 16. Agile = Iterative Development Source: Jeff Patton Release 1 Release 2 Release 3
  17. 17. Customer Value vs. Dev Effort - These All Work
  18. 18. Story Mapping
  19. 19. MoSCoW Analysis • Must have • Should have if possible • Could have if possible • Won’t have at this time (but would like in the future)
  20. 20. Release Themes Group and order stories together. • “Increase shopping cart completion” • “Technical debt release” • “Improve website performance"
  21. 21. Poll 4: What tools do you use to manage the backlog?
  22. 22. Tying the Roadmap and Backlog Together
  23. 23. Questions? @ProductPlan
  24. 24. Thank You! @ProductPlan