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Supercharge Your Product Roadmap with Customer Feedback


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As a product manager, you need customer feedback to inform your product decisions and help you establish a foolproof product strategy. The more insight you have from customers and prospects, the more fuel you have to drive informed decisions. But without effectively managing the influx of product feedback, you risk leading your roadmap—and product—astray.

Our webinar's expert panel will teach you how to turn customer feedback from a firehose of ideas into your team’s most compelling asset. We’ll share specific strategies for leveraging feedback on your roadmap to build a product that not only solves real customer problems, but exceeds expectations.

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Supercharge Your Product Roadmap with Customer Feedback

  1. 1. Supercharge Your Product Roadmap with Customer Feedback
  2. 2. UserTesting is an on-demand human insight platform that quickly gives companies a first-person understanding of how their target audience behaves throughout any experience and why. Powered by ProductPlan is the easiest way to plan, visualize, and communicate your product strategy. Our roadmap software empowers you to create beautiful product roadmaps in minutes.
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Meet the Panel 2. Introduction 3. Panel Discussion: ● Strategies for collecting valuable feedback ● Leveraging Customer Feedback in Your Product Process ● Applying Feedback to Empower Your Organization 4. Live Q&A Submit questions at any time during the webinar!
  4. 4. Today’s Panel Jim Semick Co-founder and Chief Strategist at ProductPlan Brian Tran Director of Product Management at UserTesting Annie Dunham Director of Product Management at ProductPlan
  5. 5. Customer Feedback is a Significant Challenge The most significant product management challenge is setting their roadmap priorities without having customer feedback (25%).
  6. 6. A Firehose of Feedback Customer interviews Cancelation feedback UX research Trial feedback Customer Support Sales team / prospects Feedback forms Surveys / NPS User communities
  7. 7. What is your primary method for collecting customer feedback? Poll
  8. 8. Strategies for Collecting Valuable Customer Feedback
  9. 9. Distillation & explanation of input Resource availability filter Outbound Opportunity Inbound Business strategy filter Customer feedback Sales Exec team Internal ideas Support tickets Product marketing Usability testing Interviews Surveys Observation Usage data Competitor analysis
  10. 10. User Community Feedback Who will be engaged? Who is managing it? What is the right tool for your needs?
  11. 11. Desirable FeasibleViable Amazing products
  12. 12. How much of your roadmap is influenced by customer feedback? Poll
  13. 13. Leveraging Customer Feedback in Your Product Process
  14. 14. Pair customer feedback with other types of data to build a holistic story
  15. 15. How do you share customer feedback across the organization? Poll
  16. 16. Applying Customer Feedback to Empower Your Organization
  17. 17. Why How What Why Why does this matter? Who does it matter to? How The process to build and launch the product What The product or service
  18. 18. Understand Solve Plan Build Tweak Surveys Benchmarking Analytics Surveys Experiment Info arch tests A/B Testing Analytics Benchmarking Surveys QUANT Interviews Field studies Customer feedback Concept testing Prototype testing Preference testing Usability testing Interviews Usability testing Interviews Beta feedback QUAL Customer Needs Competitor Analysis Value Prop Feature set Prototype Pricing Milestones Roadmap Beta Labs Optimization Customer Empathy Throughout the Process
  19. 19. Applying Customer Feedback to Empower Your Organization
  20. 20. Live Q&A
  21. 21. Thank You Check out more product content or get a product demo. &