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Questions product managers should ask customers


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Presented by Jim Semick at ProductCamp SoCal October 2015

Published in: Business
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Questions product managers should ask customers

  1. 1. Amazing Interviews: Questions Product Managers Should Ask Customers Jim Semick @jimsemick @productplan
  2. 2. A few well-phrased questions can yield fantastic customer insights.
  3. 3. What makes a great question? Open Ended Uncovers Value, Pain, Motivation Leads to More Insights Challenges Your Assumptions
  4. 4. The answers will guide the features you include on your product roadmap
  5. 5. 12 Awesome Questions
  6. 6. “Why?”#1
  7. 7. “How do you do that today?” #2
  8. 8. “How do you know you’ve had a successful (day, month, year)?”#3
  9. 9. “How do you feel about…” #4 …your current solution? …the feature? …the price?
  10. 10. “What’s the most frustrating thing about…” #5 …the current solution …a feature …your day
  11. 11. “What do you wish you could do with (a product, a task, a feature) that you can’t do today?” #6
  12. 12. “How would your (day, job, task) be different if you had this?” #7
  13. 13. “If you solve that problem, how much money will you save or make?” #8
  14. 14. “Can you give me an example?” #9
  15. 15. “If this were available today would you buy/use it?” #10
  16. 16. “Why would you recommend our solution to others?” #11
  17. 17. “Where does solving this problem fall on your priority list?” #12
  18. 18. Interview Tips
  19. 19. Getting the Interview It’s not a sales call. What’s in it for them? Be gracious.
  20. 20. Making Sense of the Interview Eliminate false positives Document quickly Discuss immediately Summarize if possible
  21. 21. Summary Ask the right questions. Talk with your customers more. It’s never enough. Challenge your assumptions. Use evidence from customer interviews to influence your roadmap.
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