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Uniken Presentation for IT Minister @iSPIRT Event - Conclave for India as Product Nation #1


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Uniken Presentation for IT Minister @iSPIRT Event - Conclave for India as Product Nation #1

  1. 1. Creating A Secure Digital World A Digital Security Platform by Uniken Innovation Center. Sanjay Deshpande CEO and Chief Innovation Officer
  2. 2. The Security Model of Public Internet Is Completely Broken Sophisticated Cyber-Attack Threat Landscape
  3. 3. The Impact on National Assets could be catastrophic Banks Online Government Services Stock-Exchanges Indian Defense
  4. 4. (“Edward Snowden”) - Nation-States now involved –the objective is not monetary anymore but to weaken national economies The total global financial loss due to cybercrime is pegged at 300 Billion Dollars (Courtesy: Mc Fee Report) Global Security Product Market is in the upwards of 86 Billion Dollars growing at 8% annually (Courtesy: Gartner Report)
  5. 5. Multiple User Types Multiple Devices & OS Mobile Applications and Web-Applications Closed secure massively scalable Private Internet!
  6. 6. Israel Expansion and Technology Recognition REL-ID Excelled at Security & Penetration Testing by Ernst and Young Hacktics, Israel Underwent rigorous testing by a cutting edge red team dedicated to conduct attack & penetration assessment for E&Y clients. Uniken signed a partnership agreement with Israel’s leading Security Systems Integrator Bynet specializes in security consulting and systems integration, we were the only Indian Security Product company which presented in their annual customer event Hactics Centre, Israel
  7. 7. Few of our large customers in Banking
  8. 8. The Uniken Journey Started in a 1-bed-room apartment in Pune with INR 25 Lacs investment in 2004 2013 Product Revenues USD 1.5 Million, 2 US patents granted 120+ members in Uniken Innovation Centre in Pune Raised USD 5 Million capital in Dec 2013
  9. 9. The Goal Creating Brand India to lead the world in Cyber Security in next 10 Years Thank You Sanjay Deshpande