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Team Indus Presentation for IT Minister @iSPIRT Event - Conclave for India as Product Nation #1


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Team Indus Presentation for IT Minister @iSPIRT Event - Conclave for India as Product Nation #1

  1. 1. Why not in Bangalore? Loved this ‘Cultural’ Phenomenon?
  2. 2. Google Lunar XPRIZE In a brand new private space race To win the $30M Google Lunar XPRIZE a privately funded team must successfully land a robot on the moon that can move at least 500 meters and transmits high-definition video and images back to Earth. This is a contest, but it is definitely no game!!!
  3. 3. @TeamIndus An Aerospace startup – aiming to land a spacecraft on the Moon by Dec 2015 ☆ India team @GLXP ☆ 7x Partner orgs ☆ 12x ISRO Scientists ☆ 30x Engineers ☆ 25,000x followers
  4. 4. 2012 » Baseline Mission Design, Strategy » Full time development team » First level prototyping 2013 ✭ Full compliment retd ISRO experts ✭ Partnership with L&T, Sasken ✭ Ready for Procurement review Evolution 2014 ✭ Shortlisted as Top3 amongst 18 global teams ✭ Advanced launch discussions with Antrix ✭ 30 person design team ✭ Near 50% development completion ✭ Begins Engg Model development ✭ Technology collaboration with GMV, LM ✭ Signs up Tata Communications as partner
  5. 5. Building on ISRO's legacy Leveraging @ISROOfficial Launch capabilities Communications Flight Avionics Qualification infrastructure New capabilities @TeamIndus Autonomous navigation # Precision landing abilities # Landing control systems# Inter-planetary mission ops #Defense capability development / demonstration
  6. 6. Top3 slide Google’s jury ranks Team Indus @Top3 GLXP Press release 19th Feb 2014 » 9 person international expert jury » Rigorous mission & systems design review » Awarded US$1.25M as milestone prize » Top-3 of 18 global teams in the competition » Key tech: Landing validated
  7. 7. IMPACT Inspire  Fire up the imagination of the masses  Source of great national pride  Enrich local innovation ecosystem  Unleash unprecedented self-belief Catalyze  Virtuous knowledge cycle  Aerospace capabilities - precision, autonomous controls, guidance, targeting  Enable Sectoral innovation  Demonstrate delivery focused R&D
  8. 8. अब यह च ांद हम र है Aspire. Believe. ˆCreate.