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#PNSummit - Two Day Gathering of Practicing Product Professionals


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#PNSummit - Two Day Gathering of Practicing Product Professionals

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#PNSummit - Two Day Gathering of Practicing Product Professionals

  2. 2. Because we are on a journey to become a ProductNation
  3. 3. Learn and replicate bright spots through peer and experiential learning Formula for audacious goals
  4. 4. •  A tightly curated audience •  Avant Garde Formats •  Structured Networking through Playbook Roundtables •  Topic focussed LeanBack & LeanForward sessions ●  Focussed discussions on learning around Customer Discovery Hacking & Growth Hacking Two Day Gathering of Practicing Product Professionals
  5. 5. Interaction Formats Extreme deep dive discussion on challenging topics, create continuity beyond conference. Also having trusted conversation in closed doors. HandsOn session from global experts actionable insights for take home.(Similar to workshops) Content consumption, mostly for inspire thinking or plenary discussion. LeanForward LeanBack Structured Networking through Roundtables
  6. 6. #PNSummit is curated by Product Entrepreneurs for Product Entrepreneurs. Volunteers who believe in ‘Paying It Forward’ & have built several ecosystem initiatives in the past. #PNSummit is a community event. People are here to SHARE and not to SPREAD GYAN. Never seen before gathering of Indian Product Pros.
  7. 7. What  is  so  unique  about  #PNSummit?
  8. 8. Three Things Focus Intensity Exclusivity
  9. 9. Focus Designed around 2 Critical Problems: o GROWTH HACKING o DISCOVERY HACKING • No general Gyan, No Sage on Stage (we mean it) • Tailored for Indian product entrepreneurs • Pallav Nadhani is Curator of Discovery Hacking • Bala Parthasarthy is Curator of Growth Hacking
  10. 10. Intensity Think  BOOT  CAMP   Lean-­‐in  sessions  dominate     • Not  a  conference   • Not  a  place  for  lurkers;  not  a  place  to  come  and  relax   • Even  Speakers  don’t  come  for  2  hrs  and  go  away;   they  stay  and  work  intensely  the  whole  day   • Engage  parFcipants  for  4-­‐6  months  
  11. 11. Exclusivity • Only  for  prac%cing  product  entrepreneurs   • Audience  is  extensively  curated   • No  more  than  450  parFcipants.  Ideally  300   • Designed  with  Deep  networking  in  mind   • No  easy  way  in,  must  be  invited   • Money  (fees)  does  not  get  you  in   • Hunger  to  learn  is  the  biggest  criterion    
  12. 12. Interested, Follow us @Product_Nation