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#PNSummit bootcamp for product leaders what's in it for you


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#PNSummit bootcamp for product leaders what's in it for you

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#PNSummit bootcamp for product leaders what's in it for you

  1. 1. #PNSummit December, 2013 Product Leaders Bootcamp by Invitation Only
  2. 2. You’re a hero ● Entrepreneurship is not easy. Especially software products. ● High risk, and high rewards. ● High risk is guaranteed. ● High rewards is anything but. ● The Hero must win. After all, we all grew up on Bollywood movies :-)
  3. 3. Yawn ? Well, if you’re yawning, we seriously suggest you grab some red chilli powder. Now. Most software products get a quiet burial. No gun salute. No flag. No Hero. This is NOT fiction.
  4. 4. Starting up in India 5 people in a garage is a romantic way to Start We learn from failure but don’t talk about it There’s plenty of help for those who have yet to make a product. And for those who’ve got VC funding And little else for everyone in between
  5. 5. Rebooting your Startup PNSummit is a Bootcamp for Software Product Leaders. It’s like a heat seeking missile. You tell us the problem. We fix it, accurately. No Spray and Pray. No Gyan. So, you have a product. Some direction. Maybe even traction. Why a Bootcamp?
  6. 6. The new KYC Most Startups are born to solve a perceived problem. The problem-solution fit. They have an approximate idea of whom to sell to. First Year: these assumptions change many times over. Do you really Know Your Customer? What next?
  7. 7. Only for the Battled & Bruised Battles make you stronger, even if the war is yet to be won. Nothing to be gained by blaming yourself, or the market, or the customer. Interested? Want to make sense of this battle and crack the formula to win the war?
  8. 8. PNSummit for You Getting your first Going beyond your first 100 customers ? 10 customers ? OR?
  9. 9. Choose your PNSummit Day Customer Discovery Hacking - Day 1 (4 Dec) Scale Hacking - Day 2 (5 Dec) A day long session in cohorts of 20. Cohort leader facilitates experiential learning. Discuss thorny problems with similar stage peers (15-20) No sage on stage. Deep discussions within group. Hot baked learnings that you won’t get from reading blogs
  10. 10. Time for Action Volunteers are creating PNSummit. People just like you. Click here to know more. Want to Attend? Request an Invite right here. Want more info? Tweet with the hashtag #PNSummit and we’ll connect.