How #PNCamp went through its own Customer Discovery process


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How #PNCamp went through its own Customer Discovery process

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How #PNCamp went through its own Customer Discovery process

  1. PNCamp – Dec 2013… The Journeyline
  2. The birth of an idea This is the story of #PNCamp. The first product leaders bootcamp in India. The idea was born in May of 2013. It was the fire in a bunch of folks who wanted to create a meanigful Products event Wanted to make lasting and deep impact, and to be bold enough to experiment without inhibition to make it happen. From May to Sep 2013, did all the things that a normal conference would have done…
  3. PNCampJourneyline (Kickstart) Marketing team formed –> Pune Ecosystem becomes Audience Curation Volunteer pledge team l International speakers support Sep 3 engaged 30 Debates on city choice Identify Format for 1:100 people for deep networking, peer and 22 experiential learning June Productify Volunteer Brainstorm on Ecosystem ‘Jobs To Be Done’ . Identified two target segment 18 May June 8 Aug 27 Aug Productify – >PNSummit, Under iSPIRT 15 July Format rev1 , Also change date to 3-4 Dec Smaller volunteer does daily meets Volunteer Energy fades More inputs and brainstorming lead to huge format pivot Sep 5 Audience Curation has great plans but stuck without program guidance
  4. Ideas lead to Birth pangs !! Multiple pivots happened. Made it difficult for us to articulate our own value proposition to you. Settled on Audience Curation as the key to getting successful blend of guided sessions with experiential learning. Important for people to be at similar stage of business. Focused on growth and scaling up. There were enough technology events happening already. Lets talk business! The hardest thing – marketing why PNCamp (benefits) without having the program (features) ready. Conviction was the driver.
  5. PNCampJourneyline(Orbit shift) New format crystallized, Curation paramount Bala and Pallav step up as designer of Scale& Audience Application form Discover Track respectively made live, stretch goal to get huge signups (for Final Sep 16 announced shortlist of 150 ) Sep 12 Oct 15 Realignment in thinking, market benefits not feature document ( i.e agenda with time breakup) Sep 11 Audience Curation has great plans but stuck without program guidance Self doubt - Audience application/selection never done before,. Doubly hard without program content Oct 1 Sep 25 Clarify and over communicate to teams difference between PNSummit and other conference Endless debate on pricing conclude to INR 2K Sep 26 Pivots made it hard to under even understand the benefits. Need to articulate program benefits. Crisis cant market well Stretch goals not achieved Nov 1
  6. The No-looking-back phase 1st Nov and our enthusiasm and energies were at an all time low. Yes, honestly. We want you to understand this, because this is how volunteers work. We needed to be challenged by adversity to flip around and change gears. And it happened. Employed continuous experimentation and “fail-early” techniques to move on to the next experiment. Getting a quality curated audience to an invite-only event wasn’t for the weak hearted 
  7. PNCampJourneyline(last 30 days) Nov 27 Press coverage creates buzz Overall A period of intense pressure And learning Daily WAR rooms to stretch and make it happen Nov 3 Stretch goals not achieved Nov 1 Nov 6 Name change to PNCamp 61( out of planned 75) Discovery track confirmed 65 ( out of planned 75) Scale track confirmed Dec 1
  8. And now the home run Vision of having 125 companies attend, is achieved. Sponsors have been kind enough to recognize and support. Volunteers stepped up at the last moment to fill in any gaps that appeared. Almost spontaneously… (thank you). Daily huddles over the last 30 days, program fine tuning, facilitator huddles, curation huddles, logistics, et al… was like going from 0-to-60 in 5 seconds flat! 2 days to go…
  9. The iSpirt philosophy PNCamp is hosted under the aegis of iSpirt It is one of the several initiatives undertaken by iSpirt for the Products ecosystem in India Like all other iSpirt initiatives, this is driven entirely by volunteers out of passion to contribute and who pledge to give back Come meet some of our volunteers and facilitators. We hope you will be one of us in days to come….
  10. Rewarding to work as Volunteers
  11. Thank you Session facilitators
  12. The Journey has only begun The community is helping each other A powerful motivator to grow globe-scale Communities are like “open-source” goods The growth of communities is self sustaining and the only answer to becoming a true software product nation Thank you everyone for being part of this Journey until now, and for the Voyages we’re yet to embark upon. Together.