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Re-Birth of India - The Software Product Nation.


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In this very brief time we have managed to become the voice of the India product software industry, connected with key members of the government, started building out a global M&A initiative, launched a Software Adoption Initiative and conducted series of round-tables that have been focussed on bringing key learning opportunities.

So far the activities of iSPIRT have been driven by it's Founder Circle with active volunteer support from several other people. Given our ambitous agenda for the year's ahead and with a view to include more Indian product software companies into the iSPIRT fold, we have decided to create a 50 strong "Product Circle" by invitation.

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Re-Birth of India - The Software Product Nation.

  1. 1. Re-Birth of India The Software Product Nation iSPIRT Donor Campaign 2014
  2. 2. The Beginning of a Transformation History is witness... transformations start at grassroots • The French Renaissance and the Industrial • The Information “Revolution” • The anti-corruption movement These Transformative movements had 4 things in common: • A Vision for the future • Strong sense of ownership • Deep desire to drive change for the better • Widespread support
  3. 3. India has proven its prowess as a Software Services Nation. The next wave of Transformation would see India being re-born as a Product Nation. Just like all Transformative movements, this too is a Grassroots movement
  4. 4. iSPIRT’s humble beginning • iSPIRT has been at the forefront of thought leadership to fuel this Transformation. It is consciously modeled as a Think Tank. It consciously works as a catalyst and not a power center. • iSPIRT, being a Think Tank is inclusive and seeks to nurture the Products ecosystem to achieve global scale. • This Transformation is underway. A few forward thinkers made a beginning by coming together and founding iSPIRT one year ago. This is our Founder’s Circle. • The results are gratifying. Simultaneously we are humbled by the collective achievement made possible by the Founder Circle, iSPIRT Fellows, iSPIRT Mavens and Saarthis. This is the combined force of iSPIRT.
  5. 5. This is base camp We still have a long journey. There is no doubt this will be as challenging as the 1st attempt to scale Everest. It’s been a journey from simple “governing principles” to becoming an impactful ecosystem catalyst in One year…
  6. 6. A quick peek at how we reached to base camp 4 February 2013 iSPIRT is launched 8 March M&A Connect - Position Paper: Increasing M&A opportunities for product startups 28 March Blue Paper: Need for Level Playing Field for Software Products “Made in India” 4 April 1st Playbook Roundtable: Positioning and messaging for Product Entrepreneurs 9 April Blue Paper: Promotion of investments in R&D / creation of IP 24 April Blue Paper: Ownership structure of Indian companies and promotion of investments 1 May Blue Paper: Clarification of taxation associated with software products
  7. 7. A quick peek at how we reached base camp 23 May 2013 1st M&A Connect Roundtable in Silicon Valley June Software Adoption Initiative (SAI program focused on domestic market) : - Reaches out to 2500 retailers in Jewelry industry - Designs SAI to solve friction in Product adoption - Evangelises business benefits of using Products. - Pilot now would be extended to other industries. 15 August “High touch” engagement with 120 Software Product companies in 120 days 10 October iSPIRT announces partnership with Signal Hill, global investment banking firm specialized in PE and M&A 7 September TechShowcase with Zensar -10 companies showcase their products 4-5 December #PNCamp - 1st Bootcamp for Product Entrepreneurs, Pune 16 Dec Feature in INC - India: The Next Big Startup Nation?
  8. 8. And many more milestones in 2014… 9 January 2014 iSPIRT helps Little Eye Labs in the acquisition by Facebook – FB likes Indian tech products sector 18 January 500 blog posts till date on ProductNation 19 January 300 companies impacted directly through Round Tables and PNCamp ... and a passionate community of Fellows and Mavens 29 January iSPIRT welcomes CeBIT to India 30 January – 2 February M&A Connect Roundtable in Palo Alto – Google shares Waze experience 4 February 1st Product Industry Monitor report released 4 February Annual Letter released 10 April First InTech50 successfully completed at Bangalore. 25 CIOs from US preview hot Indian products 2 - 3 May M&A Connect Roundtable in Palo Alto
  9. 9. Reaching out for support Scaling peaks needs mobilization, and you can contribute meaningfully towards nurturing iSPIRT’s mission Product Circle is this opportunity. It is only by invitation. A select set of like-minded folks are being sought to come together to power Year 2 of this journey Their names will be etched in the annals of iSPIRT for posterity
  10. 10. • Get a National Industry Classification (NIC) code for Software Product Industry in India (SPI) and to get recognized in Indian government machinery • Achieve Accelerated growth of the SPI • We seek to create healthier power-law distribution of big and small firms • iSPIRT’s market catalysts help companies scale • Measured by Market Capitalization (not revenues) • Create India as a global hub for SPI • Bigger than Israel in M&A (not startup density) • Measure of success would be the number and value to M&A deals • Strong software products culture and ecosystem • Where tacit knowledge thrives and powers success • iSPIRT Playbooks is ‘Cricket Australia’ of SPI • Measured by Market-Product Fit Velocity (to capture reducing gestation periods over time) Work is cut out This is what we want to achieve…
  11. 11. Transformation needs active support iSPIRT takes a fresh approach and is doing what no ecosystem player in India has attempted to do before. The overwhelming success in “software services” makes software synonymous with the software service industry. Achieving success in software products calls for a paradigm shift in the way this industry has to grow. Years from now, it will appear amazing how this movement started in a small way in 2013 and was able to make a real dent in the world. There will be several who will watch from the sidelines. It’s only the ones who are assertive and choose to lead from the front, that make a difference. You CAN make a difference by participating.
  12. 12. How you can contribute Limited donor slots are open for Product companies Companies are personally invited based on their like-mindedness and who want to support with passion Your company would officially be recognized as a Product Circle donor In case you can’t contribute as a company, you are welcome to contribute in your individual capacity
  13. 13. In case you were wondering how would the donations be useful to iSPIRT? iSPIRT is a donor-supported Think Tank. It is a non-profit body. 30 Founder Circle Donors provided the initial corpus. Companies like Pubmatic, Persistent, Capillary, Helion, Tally, Newgen, Inmobi, Fusionsharts, Pramati, One97 and several more are leading from the front. iSPIRT Fellows power several of the initiatives mentioned earlier. As a Product Circle donor you would be supplementing that corpus and help drive the upcoming initiatives that power iSPIRT’s mission. Several market catalysts have already been launched. Product Circle donors will help accelerate these catalysts that impact the product ecosystem directly.
  14. 14. As a donor… You’ll get monthly updates on all activities just like the Founder Circle does There would be events where you would be invited to share your ideas and be able to shape and influence the thrust of iSPIRT programs iSPIRT’s Donor certificate would help you display your affiliation at your workplaces iSPIRT’s credibility will add prestige to your reputation as a product company MORE IMPORTANTLY… You’ll be part of history in the making
  15. 15. Thank you