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iSPIRT 1st Anniversary


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iSPIRT First Anniversary Pledge card

Published in: Business
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iSPIRT 1st Anniversary

  1. 1. Policy Policy Papers for strategic recommendations Blue Papers for operational recommendations Product Industry Monitor reports Playbook ProductNation Blog & Community Playbook RoundTables #PNCamp Market Catalysts M&A Connect Program Corporate Members | SignalHill | Business Exchange iSMB/SAI Program 100K SMBs | CeBIT INDIA Global CIO Connect Program InTech50 February 1, 2014
  2. 2. our DREAMS A force to reckon with on the global landscape. A force that will revolutionize the face of the country. Biggest hub of product leadership talent in the world! The torchbearer of India's economic progress, innovation and thought leadership. Major Global Player and see Billion $ emerging from India. The next silicon valley. India to lead the world in terms of IPs and innovative solutions. A catalyst to take India to next level by more inclusive growth, job creation at multiple levels and touching smaller Indian businesses. An ecosystem that thrives in the changing 21 st century context. A huge contributor to the GDP of India and playing a significant role in taking India from a third world country to a developed nation. I pledge to pay forward to turn our dreams for software product industry into reality
  3. 3. Pledges our Helping as many start-ups set up base by providing them the network and opportunities. Play my part in ecosystem in helping people I learned and bring more people excited about building own products. Giving time, effort, ideas AND execution to make this happen. By enabling my fellow colleagues to build an ecosystem that harnesses local talent to build great companies. Helping firms sell more, quicker, smarter, better and easier using our line of marketing and sales solutions. Building Innovative Products... Simple, Powerful yet Affordable. Sharing knowledge with other startups, and providing a platform to nurture new Ideas. Walking the talk, and trying to build a successful software product company from India. Building products and companies that go global, and sharing best-practices that work for us. Name & signature:
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